About Us

Who we are?

We are a team of knowledge curious wanderers of this epoch, united with the vision for making changes that matter! We don’t differentiate based on gender, race, religion or sexual orientation, and we believe that this universe was created after the Big Bang. We usually work hard but we do know how to have fun… and we’re generally likable. Not to bore you with more info about us, come see for yourself.

What we do?

We love connecting online and use various web applications on a daily basis both for working and having fun. And we see the ever-increasing complexity of the internet pushing this experience to a messy and annoying process. With Stack, We are making it easy, smooth and fun!

Why We do it?

We believe all living beings on this planets are different facets of one form of life trying to connect to each other. And each of us has a limited amount of time for individual experiences. If there is anything that we can do to minimize wasted minutes and increase the quality of each second we spend on this planet, we will go for it.

The Product and the Company

Already in use on every continent, except the very cold one, Stack is an Internet launchpad that increases the efficiency of working with the web for the average internet user by allowing simultaneous use of multiple web-apps within a neatly organized working environment. hm... Phew... But there is a lot more behind the mundane product description.

Having started almost a year ago as just another productivity tool, a side project of Ziko (CTO), Stack very rapidly turned into a very successful startup, with a big vision to revolutionize internet experience. And, yes, we are ambitious enough to proudly call it the first First Operating System for the internet.

For two consecutive years, Stack was selected as a Top Pick startup by TechCrunch. We have also exhibited Stack at some of the most important tech-conferences worldwide like TNW, Web Summit and Startup Grind Silicon Valley Conference. And Macrumor listed Stack as the second best Mac product of the year 2019

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