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Discord Tips and Tricks

Rodrigo Ferreyra

On this occasion, we'll be taking a look at different Discord tips and tricks.

Discord chatting and server options are so dynamic that it can be used as a proficient tool for many purposes, including roleplaying and virtual classrooms. But despite Discord is as straightforward as every other conventional messaging app, to get the juice out of it we need to learn a thing or two.

Use Stack to open Multiple Discord windows

In terms of multi-accounting and multitasking, Stack offers the best Discord experience for desktop users. For one thing, it makes managing multiple Discord accounts together side by side absurdly simple.

Discord tips and tricks

Stack can treat each of its web tabs as independent browsing sessions. This means you can have all your accounts in a single screen space next to each other. Here's a detailed tutorial on how to do so.

Besides, Stack is great for gathering all your Discord notifications in a single place while keeping them always in sight.

Use Discord Keyboard Shortcuts

The next Discord chat tips involve using the keyboard. Hotkeys are the oldest trick in the book, yet these stay current as they have no match in terms of simplicity and speed.

Discord keyboard shortcuts
  • Shift + Page Up Jump to the oldest unread message
  • Alt + Shift + Up/Down - Cycle through unread messages
  • Escape - Mark channel or chat as read
  • Shift + Escape - Mark the whole server as read
  • Ctrl + E - Toggle emoji window
  • Ctrl + Shift + D - Toggle deafen
  • Alt + Up/Down - Switch between channels
  • Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down - Switch between servers; in case you're looking for one server, private chat, or channel in particular, you can use Ctrl + K and search it by name.

Adjust user volumes individually

This is a one of the simple yet useful discord tips if you're having trouble hearing someone—or for dealing with wild microphones that turn regular people into involuntary screamers—:

  1. On a server, right-click on a user or voice channel
  2. Use the slider to adjust the default chat volume.

Discord tips for chatting

Discord's convenient chat commands are proof of its versatility. Popular chat commands include:

  • /spoiler for hiding the message
  • /giphy or /tenor for gif searching
  • /nick for changing your nickname on the server.

You can see the full list of available commands in the chat itself just by typing the slash key. Depending on the server configuration, some commands will be available and some won't.

Aside from Built-in commands, bots have their own as well. Bots are an original way of interacting in chat, featuring from additional helpful commands to in-chat games.

Bots have their own lists of commands you can use by their prefix. If out-of-the-box Discord just doesn't cut it or you don't believe in something like "too much customization", some bots like MEE6 or Custom Commands let you create your own commands.

User Discord Markdown

Markdown is a syntax language for formatting plain text chosen by many apps on its own merits. These include Github, Obsidian and, in this case, Discord.

Markdown can be handy if you're already comfortable using it in other programs. However, it is so intuitive that you can become used to it in no time.

The most simple syntax includes:

  • *Asterisks* or _low dashes for italics_
  • **Two asterisks for bold**
  • ~~Two tildes for strikethrough~~
  • Aside from regular Markdown, in Discord's you can also use __two underscores for underlining__.
>A greater-than sign for quote blocks
`Single backticks for single-line code blocks`
```Three backticks
for multi-line code```

Moreover, Discord code blocks support several different languages for syntax highlighting, including CSS, Bash and JSON.

This option is pretty straightforward. Just name the code language next to the first three backticks:

echo "This is Stack"

Discord tips for Notifications

Discord wisely separates each server and even each channel notifications settings. Just right-click on them and click on Notifications Settings.

You can silence every notification, even mentions, and choose whether or not you want push-up notifications on mobile.

2FA Discord Tips

Using two-factor authentication is one of the smart discord tips that adds an extra layer of security to your account. While it may sound like something for high profile accounts exclusively, it's a great solution for dealing with passcodes' weaknesses.

The Enable 2FA option is in User Settings»My Account. For 2FA, Discord suggests authenticator apps Google Authenticator and Authy. However, I use Microsoft's authenticator, so it probably won't be a problem if you want to use the authenticator of your liking.

After successfully activating the 2FA, Discord gives you the option of a) adding your phone number for phone text message as a backup in case you can't access your app and b) download a .txt with the backup codes for your account (this is sensitive information, so be careful where you leave it).

In case you want to get rid of 2FA, the option is in the same menu. Discord will ask you one last time for a six digits code from your authenticator.

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