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Facebook Desktop Login - Unleash the Power of Facebook On Your Desktop!

Veronika From Stack

Using a Facebook desktop login, you get to experience a more customizable version of this social media network. Furthermore, Facebook’s desktop version gives you more control over your posts regarding their length, format, and more. That especially applies to those who manage multiple profiles and need in-depth reports on their posts’ engagement.

Still, know that you shouldn’t use just about any Web browser to access Facebook via your computer. With that said, we want to introduce you to a brand-new Web browser with features you won’t find elsewhere. So - meet Stack! Smart Browser that allows you to watch side-by-side Facebook windows, login to multiple accounts, and many more... It will forever change your experience of using Facebook.

Before going into details, you can Download Stack Browser from our website.

Stack - The Best Way to Access Facebook Desktop Login

The best way to access Facebook desktop login and use this social media network on your computer would be via Stack. This Web browser enhances and elevates your productivity. In fact, its true powers surface when interacting with websites such as Facebook.

Tabs for Facebook Desktop Login

First and foremost, know that Stack doesn’t rely on tabs. Instead, it uses something called cards. They’re similar to tabs in the sense that you use them to visit websites. However, that’s where any similarities end, as Stack’s cards are resizable interface elements that sit in a scrollable row. That means that you can open as many cards as you want, keeping them all visible at the same time. It makes Facebook desktop login experience a way better than from traditional browsers.

Facebook Desktop Login

Facebook Desktop Login from Multiple Accounts

And now, here comes another interesting surprise. Each card in Stack is independent (there’s no data sharing between them, respecting your privacy). As a result, you can launch the same website using several cards. And then, you can log in to different accounts using each card. In other words, Stack allows you to manage multiple Facebook accounts without any gimmicks, plugins, or extensions.

Stacks, Cards and Rows for Facebook Desktop Login

Besides that, Stack allows you to organize cards into rows (called - stacks). Then, you can organize multiple rows into spaces. It goes like this: cards > stacks > spaces, which means that you have three organizational tiers, letting you switch between different groups of sites or Web apps in an instant. It takes only a couple of minutes to try Stack and become so used to its layout that you won’t even think about going back to any "traditional" Web browser.

In order to improve Facebook desktop login experience, Stack takes care of your privacy by blocking ads and trackers. That means that Facebook will be speedier to load and use. Then, it also allows you to unify all your Web notifications in a single interface (where you can quickly review and dismiss them), set auto-refresh timers (which come especially useful for social media), and plenty more.

As you can see, Stack is filled with all kinds of unique features designed to support all sorts of workflows. And since it’s built by a team of highly enthusiastic developers, you can expect new tools and options to arrive on a regular basis. That means that you have an opportunity to become a part of a revolution that’s poised to change the future of Web browsers.

Benefits of Stack Browser besides Facebook Desktop Login

We’ve dedicated this article to inform you about using Facebook desktop login in a wholly new and unique way. However, don’t make a mistake thinking that Stack is good enough for Facebook only.

After all, this is a Web browser, which means that it works with any website or Web app out there, such as Instagram, Discord, Pinterest, and more.

So, willing to give Stack a try? Go ahead and request access to Stack Next straight away! We'll get in touch when it’s ready to roll out! We’re 100% sure you’re going to love it!

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