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What Is a Highlighted Comment on YouTube

Alan Anthony Catantan

If you’re the type who reads a lot of comments on YouTube, you must’ve experienced seeing one with a highlighted YouTube comment. This leaves a lot of users baffled about what it means and how it happens.

Highlighted Comment on YouTube

In which cases a highlighted comment appear on YouTube?

The truth is, a highlighted comment could appear on YouTube for various reasons…

If someone comments on your video, YouTube will send you a notification. When you click through on the notification, the comment will have a highlighted comment tag and you will see it at the top of the comments section.

Another instance is that when you click on a comment’s timestamp, whether it’s your own video or not, YouTube will highlight that comment too and may place it at the top of the comments section.

There’s also a unique instance where instead of a highlighted comment, you will see a highlighted reply instead. It appears when someone replies to your comment. You will see it if you click through on the notification that informs you that someone replied to your comment.

As it stands now, highlighted comments seem to happen automatically. In essence, what a highlighted comment means on YouTube is to simply make it easy for you to find the comment of interest.

How to use YouTube in an advanced way?

It’s important to note that what a highlighted comment means on YouTube isn’t either good or bad. You also won’t be able to intentionally make a highlighted comment. Simply speaking, it’s a feature that would make it easy for you to find the comment that you were notified of.

If you want to use YouTube in an advanced way, you must use an advanced tool, like Stack. Stack is a new kind of browser that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.

For example, using the Stack browser will allow you to see windows side by side easily. You could also log in to multiple accounts, use them simultaneously, and check on any highlighted comment.

Fortunately, you can use those features not only for YouTube but with every application and website that you can think of. If you’re eager to try it, make sure to request access to Stack Next straight away.

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