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How to Get Endorsements on Linkedin

Alan Anthony Catantan

Getting endorsements on LinkedIn is a good social proof that gives credibility to your skills. If you’re out looking for opportunities, getting endorsed for your skills could land you a job or two (especially when coupled with recommendations).

But how do you get endorsements on LinkedIn?

get endorsements on Linkedin

The first step is to specify the skills that you want others to endorse you for. When other people visit your LinkedIn profile, they will see a list of skills at the bottom. With a button, they can easily endorse you for those skills.

For that reason, you need to front-load the exact skills that you want to be endorsed for.

In LinkedIn, you can easily reorder your skills and show your top three skills in your profile. You can also manage all your skills and hide some skills that you have but are irrelevant to the opportunity you want to land for.

Even better, you can take assessment tests on your skills. If you pass and got a grade of more than 70%, LinkedIn will add a verified skill badge to your profile.

Endorse Others

People on LinkedIn are supportive of one another. When you endorse someone for their skills, they will also likely give you an endorsement. Others even use endorsement as an introduction for sending a connection request.

LinkedIn sends an email notification to users whenever someone endorses his or her skill. Meaning, others will know when you endorse them. As a token of gratitude, they would also visit your profile and endorse your top three skills.

A word of caution — do this tactic moderately. Make sure that when you endorse others, you select the skills that he or she prefers to be endorsed with, which probably are the three highlighted skills on his or her profile.

Even better, endorse others on the skills he or she is good at.

Sample Message Requesting an Endorsement

If you want to get endorsements on LinkedIn, you can try the simplest approach — asking others to endorse your skills by sending them a message.

Here’s a sample message you can send:

Hey Michael,

Glad to have worked with you on that project. It was a blast! Anyways, I’m actually building the endorsement section of my profile and would love to request yours on the skills you think are worth endorsing for.

On the other hand, if you’re open, it would actually mean a lot if you could endorse me on the following skills: [skill 1], [skill 2], and [skill 3]. In case you want endorsements too, please let me know what skills you want to be endorsed for.



Use Stack to Improve Experience Using LinkedIn

Stack, the new browser of the era, will be able to dramatically improve your experience using LinkedIn and any other sites. The features of the browser are meant to help you save time and do more things quicker.

For example, Stack will allow you to view the cards (which is something like a tab on other browsers) side by side without opening another instance of the browser. This way, you can manage your skills in one card and send a message to another user on another card.

If you’re managing different LinkedIn accounts, Stack allows you to open multiple accounts (accounts with different login credentials). You can also do this with other social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and others.

If you’re eager to try it, make sure to request access to Stack Next straight away.

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