Split Your MacBook’s Screen With a Multiwindow App
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How to Split Your MacBook’s Screen With a Multiwindow App?

Dachi Gubadze

Contrary to popular opinion, you can open side-by-side windows on your Mac. To make this happen, hover your cursor over the green circle you see in the top-left corner of any app. Then, select whether you want to make the app full-screen or split-screen. However, let's admit it – this isn’t the most convenient way to use a split view on your Mac.

So, we have the following question – how to view apps side-by-side without making them stretch across your entire screen? There has to be a better option that what macOS offers, right? Well, you can bet there is - so allow us to introduce you to the Stack app. 

Aside from giving you much greater freedom to organize open websites and Web apps, Stack is designed to enhance your productivity from the ground up. With this said, let's go over some of its most prominent features, shall we?

Side-by-Side Windows on Mac via Stack

Stack is a brand-new app designed to improve your productivity. You can think of it as a new-age Web browser designed to run Web apps in parallel. Each website or Web app is opened in a new card, and these are stacked horizontally. This means that you can run an unlimited number of pages – which is how you get Stack's own side-by-side window management.

By using Stack, you can easily preview all your open websites and Web apps (which we'll call - cards). You're free to resize Stack's main window, and you resize individual cards as well. This means that you don't have to rely on macOS' full-screen view, using a bunch of gestures to find what you're looking for. With Stack, everything is visible and easily navigable – at any moment.

Multi-Task Management

Also, Stack allows you to create any number of individual spaces – that consist of different cards. Let's say that you want to open your social media profiles, while also having a clear view of your Gmail and Google Calendar, as well as Slack and WhatsApp. It sounds like a chaotic situation on your screen, right? Well, not quite!

You can organize these into three spaces – one for social media, one for Google apps, and one for your communication apps. And switching between these spaces is a breeze. You can use your mouse or trackpad to interact with Stack via gestures, or you can use keyboard shortcuts to jump between spaces and individual cards quickly.

Login to Multiple Accounts of Different Apps

Finally, let’s not forget to mention that Stack comes with another trick up its sleeve. Using this app, you can login to multiple instances of a single Web app. This is done by opening several windows of one app and then logging to different accounts on each. So, all of these are invisible at any moment. 

To learn more, we recommend checking our articles on how to access multiple Asana accounts, multiple Instagram accounts, and the same can be done with Facebook Messenger and even Dropbox.

Stack comes 100% free of charge, and it's promising to evolve the way you interact with your Mac.

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