March Newsletter | 2020
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March Newsletter | 2020

We hope you and your loved ones are feeling well and safe!

Coronavirus has affected lives of everyone on this planet. The entire world is united in the fight against pandemic. And we are also contributing to this process by doing what we can do the best!

As most of you are probably reading this post from home, we have decided to spend the next 4 weeks 24/7 on doing the features that will enhance your remote process of working.

Stack — First Browser for Remote Workers

Stack so far has been the best tool for organizing all your most-used apps in one place and working with them simultaneously. That’s why Stackers love to call it a browser for multitaskers. But we believe, with your help, we can turn it into the Browser for Remote Workers as well.

So, if you are inside Stack now, please go to the feature request card, find the board called “Features I need for remote work”, suggest new ones or upvote existings, and help us enhance your remote process of working.

March Product Updates

March was a busy month on the product side. Apart from fixing bugs and improving performance, we have released a major update and added 4 crucial features:


We love Stack and so does 20K+ people around the world. And now spreading the word about Stack is not just easy but also mutually lucrative. An integrated referral system allows Stackers to invite friends & colleagues. And for each new PRO Stacker get a credit of $8.4 (one month Stack PRO for free)

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Guest Mode

We came to know that 27% of new users were dropping Stack after downloading it due to mandatory authorization. Authorizing in Stack allows users to Sync their cards, stacks & workspaces across multiple devices. Nonetheless, each new Stacker means a lot to us! Hence, with the latest update, we introduced Guest Mode — stacking without authorization!

New Updater

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Previous updater was blocking the UI, hence making it mandatory to update and restart Stack.

Most of you are using Stack for work. We have realized that requiring you to restart Stack in the middle of your work was not a nice experience. Therefore, with Stack 2.9 we are introducing new updater.

From now on, updates will be appearing on the left sidebar, as shown on the photo above.

New User Onboarding

Although Stack has a pretty simple learning curve, we do realize that migrating from well-accustomed and old-fashion standard browsers is not so easy. But now with our New Onboarding Assistant, one can become a true Stacker in less than 5 minutes!

Coronavirus, Fundraising and Lesson #42

Last but not least, last 30 days have been exceptionally difficult for us. We learned some super useful lesson, and wrote a nice 3-minute story about it. So if you are interested to learn more how COVID-19 has affected us and what can you do to change it, with the bottom of our heart, we would like to kindly ask you to visit this link and

read our story

That’s all for now!
Thanks for being with us!
We wish you to be safe and healthy!


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