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What Does Queued Mean in Gmail?

Novak Bozovic

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We know why you’re reading this article – you’ve probably seen an email stuck trying to be sent, and you’re wondering what “queued” means in Gmail?

If an email is queued, that means that the email you're trying to send is stuck in your outbox. There could be many reasons why that might happen. However, know that queued emails typically get delivered later without any issues. Now, let’s take a closer look at this issue.

What does queued means in Gmail

3 Potential Reasons Why Your Email Might Be Queued in Gmail

As mentioned just above, there could be a number of reasons why a specific email is queued, appearing to be stuck in your outbox. So, here are some of the most common causes.

  • Your device might have a connectivity issue. If you're sending large files via email, you will see that those emails are typically queued for a while (until their data is uploaded). So, if you have connectivity issues, uploading that data could take a while.
  • Your device might be running out of space. Depending on the type of data you’re trying to send via email, your device could have a problem uploading that data if it’s low on storage. So, see to free up some of its internal storage.
  • Your Gmail inbox may be reaching its threshold limit. If you’re sending plenty of emails (in bulk or individually), know that Gmail might impose certain restrictions (especially if you have a free Google account). In that case, it’s not unusual to see your emails queued for several hours at a time.

With that said, we hope that we cleared some doubts about what does queued mean in Gmail. However, while we still have your attention, we'd like to share a handy tip with you.

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