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And here we go!

Dachi Gubadze

Stack raised $ 850K in Seed Round from Peak Capital and 500Startups to build the first tab-less browser or as we call it Operating System for the Internet

The Problem We Solve

We believe that your next browser, will not be a browser!


Because you are not browsing anymore. You are spending 80% of your time working or having fun with web applications. The remaining 20% you are “Googling”. And the 18-year old UI of the browsers has never been created for either of those! It was designed for skimming the web, hence the name “Web Browser”.

Browsers are by far the most frequently used software on the planet! And yet the last major UI change dates back to 2002 when Phoenix (what would later become Firefox) introduced Tabs.

Can you name any other consumer product, except browsers, that you are using every day and hasn’t changed its design since 2002?

I bet you can’t.

The phenomenon of getting locked-in with outdated tools is not new. And oftentimes change requires creating something that is 10 times better than the existing one!

NASA kept flying astronauts using Soyuz spaceships designed in 1960 and change didn’t come until SpaceX created a technology that ridiculously outperformed the Russian one.

Usually, designing something that can be 10x better than the existing one doesn’t come with incremental changes!

Therefore, at Stack, we are not building a faster Chrome, or more secure Firefox, or privacy-oriented Safari (and definitely not any kind of Internet Explorer). We are building a tool that will give you an agency when interacting with the internet, a space that will be as clean and organized as your home (or as we want our homes to be), a software that will help you focus, be in control and not get distracted while working. One app that will not only give you access to all your daily used web apps but also empower you to manage and operate them in the most efficient way — an Operating System for the Internet!

The design of Stack is completely different from conventional browsers. In Stack, instead of tabs, you have cards that are grouped into stacks on the spacebar, and to be even more organized, you can arrange those stacks into different spaces! And this is just one feature…

But not to confuse you, as the famous Asian proverb goes, “it is better to see once than to hear about it a thousand times”…

So, please go ahead and see for yourself!

Your Chrome, designed in 2008, is the Soyuz spaceship…
Stack can be your SpaceX…

Why did we raise?

As Reid Hoffman once said — “if you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched it too late”. And so we released the beta version of Stack in October 2018 and started collecting feedback. The primary goal of the initial design was to fix the — infamous “tab hell” problem, for which there is even a word — “Tabulitis”.

And after more than one and a half years of constant development, we believe that Stack has now reached the point when not only it can serve as a remedy for “Tabulitis”, but also help millions of people be more organized, focused, and productive while multitasking on the web.

Therefore, it’s time to grow!

There are already 50K people around the globe who have “recovered from Tabulitis” but millions are still “suffering” — So Stack is here to help!

Furthermore, the last 18 months leaped like one giant sprint for our product team. And listening to Stacker’s feedback and trying to deliver new features at the fastest possible pace, does come at a price.

We deliberately under-focused certain areas, which will be the top priority for the coming year — two of which are Performance and Onboarding.

  • We aim to boost your productivity while reducing the load on your devices. Therefore, alongside developing and improving the current product, we have already started working on rewriting Stack on native.
    We will continue using Electron heavily for what it truly is the best — building, testing, and fast-shipping new features.
  • Furthermore, given that using Stack requires abandoning 2-decade old habits, we definitely need the best in class and state of the art user onboarding. And we will make one-click migration from conventional browsers as easy and smooth as possible.

Last but not least, Stack has tremendous potential for teams of all shapes and sizes. And we already have a long list of collaboration features queued and getting ready to be shipped from early next year!

As you can see, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. We have already started expanding our team. Therefore, if you share our values, and want to join us on this exciting journey, don’t hesitate to say hi!

Our Partners

Peak Capital —The most reputable Dutch VC & active Stackers!
We can’t be more proud to have the number one VC fund in the Netherlands backing us! An experienced CEO and founder, and our investment lead Jacqueline van den Ende has been using Stack for scouting startups for quite some time. So has the managing partner at Peak Capital, a man with many talents and deep knowledge of designing and building scalable company structures — Stefan Bary. We are extremely honored to have them as our partners on this exciting journey!

500Startups — The #1 accelerator & the biggest Stack enthusiasts!
Regardless of what amazing things you might have heard about the globally-renowned 500Startups, you will still be astonished when you join their accelerator program with top-notch workshops by professional mentors and the largest community of unicorns and rapidly-growing startups. The day-to-day guidance from our investment lead Kate Seledets is truly invaluable and we’re proud to have Christin Tsai, founder and CEO of 500Startups, supporting us and believing in our vision!

Furthermore, we are super happy to be partners with BOG — a publicly-traded investment Bank, and CircleCove Capital, which was founded by an active Stacker and entrepreneur turned venture capitalist — Colin Klinkert.

Last but not least, we would like to say special thanks to Kaitlyn Henry and Ariel Winton of Open View Partners, and Alex Gordon-Furse of Startup Grind for their support in the fundraising process. We would also strongly encourage any growth stage company to join the SG community. The supportive and friendly atmosphere and the value startups can get is truly unmatched!

What’s next?

As we described above, we have huge plans for 2021. And we promise that you won’t have time to get bored. Product updates will be released once every two weeks, shipping completely redesigned concepts of commonplace browser features, as well as totally novel functionalities — meeting the needs of the modern internet human!

But before that, the end of 2020 definitely needs to be celebrated. And we will do that in the way we know the best — by releasing a major product update Stack 2021.

There are three super exciting features that we are currently working on, which we will release on December 30, and Stack 2021 will also arrive with the dramatic performance boost!

So stay tuned!

Book your seat for the announcement on December 30!

and…try to sit comfortably!

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