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How to Switch Outlook Accounts


Are you looking for a way to switch Outlook accounts on your computer?

If so, you have come to the right place. As you may have noticed already, it's quite impossible to do so using traditional browsers. You also can't do it using the Outlook desktop app as it only allows one Outlook account per login.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix for that.

Switch Outlook accounts on the computer without logging out

With the help of Stack, you can log in to different Outlook accounts on different cards and use them together without logging out on any of them.

With traditional browsers, you can only log in with a maximum of two accounts — one while on normal mode and another while on incognito mode.

The same limitation doesn't apply to Stack Browser. What's more, you can also put them side-by-side and use them together. Just make sure you're on the right card and use the right account.

Now, to switch Outlook accounts using Stack, follow these steps:

  • First, download and install Stack. There is a free version you can use whether you're on Windows or Mac.
  • Open Stack Browser. On the app launcher, find Outlook or enter its web address on the bar provided.
  • Log in to one of your Outlook accounts.
  • Open another Outlook card using the app launcher. Don't mind for now that the new Outlook card is showing the same logged-in account as the first card.
  • On the new card, click the three dots found in the top-right corner.
  • You will find "Private Session" on one of the options. Toggle it to activate the feature.
  • The new card will restart and will redirect you to the home page of the website or app.
  • Log in to another account as you usually do.
  • Repeat the steps above as many times as you need.

It's not only about switching Outlook accounts on the computer

Stack will not only help you switch through different Outlook accounts, you can use it to log in to as many accounts as you want on Facebook, LinkedIn, Discord, PayPal, and any website or app.

This is because each card is a private, separate session (when you enable the private session feature). It wouldn't matter how many accounts you have. It would be like you're logging in to the website or app with a different device.

Aside from that, the cards are displayed side-by-side. That means you can see different cards at once and use them all together. This is helpful if you need to manage different accounts and pages.

Cards can also be grouped into stacks (think rows of cards). Stacks can then be grouped into spaces. When you make use of this grouping feature, it would feel like a 3D operating system.

Stack also has a powerful mother of shortcuts called "Switch". It's literally the shortcut to everything in Stack and will enable you to jump to any nook and cranny of the browser.

In addition, if you find yourself repeatedly refreshing a card to get updated data (like in the case of traders and influencers), there is an awesome feature you can use that would automate the whole task. It's called "Auto-Refresh".

What it does is help you set an automatic refresh timer for individual cards. No need to create your own script as all you have to do is drag a button.

If you need to save a card, you also get a better function than the usual bookmarking. There is a "Save Card" feature that would allow you to save the card itself and its contents (like your company's analytics dashboard).

Stack has a lot more features focused on productivity. Go ahead and Request Access to Stack Next straight away.

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