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v 2.8.0 | Rainbow

Dachi Gubadze

Hey Stackers!

A major update with some important news has arrived…

First of all, we would like to thank you all for filling in surveys and communicating with us in live-chat. Based on your feedback, we have come to know that there are some important changes needed with regard to the sidebar… And hence, this is the first step towards redesigning it…

Introducing new sidebar

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Major improvements:

  • Better Navigation ⚡️
  • Better Card Location ?
  • More Colors ?

Ziko, Stack’s CTO and the mastermind behind the new design, explains the rationale of the new design of the sidebar in this Post further… So for more info, check that out and tell us your thoughts about it!

New Feedback System

We have changed our custom made feature request / Bug Report card with Canny.io. We have integrated that with the intercom live chat as well.

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That brings two important changes: simplifies for you the process of reporting bug or submitting feature request, and allows us to collect your feedback more effectively!

And last, but definitely not the least:

Facebook Group for Stackers

Integrated Feedback system is good, but definitely not enough!
We have decided to create a Facebook Group with two major purposes:

  • Creating a room for discussion, and
  • getting to know each other better!
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We strongly believe that without building a great community of Stackers, listening to your opinion and moving forward together, we won’t manage to accomplish our mission — change the internet experience to the better and provide a real value to as many people as possible!

So please, go to this link, join the group, make your voice heard and let’s build the Community of Stackers together!

Other changes

Lot’s of minor bug fixes (incl. Whatsapp mic ?*)*

⚡️ Performance improvements

For previous product updates, please visit the link

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