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Dachi Gubadze

Aaaaannnd… here we go!

Today is THE DAY! And Bill indeed has a reason to be dancing ?cause our family of Stackers is getting way bigger. From now on, your friends and colleagues using Windows can download Stack and fall in love with their computers again!

But this is not the only News we have!
With this update, Stack 3.0 is also here!
And as we did before with Stack 2.0, in order to get the best quality feedback, we are launching Stack on Product Hunt.

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So, Dear beloved Stackers,
Please visit the link below, share your Stack experience with Product Hunt community, and support us making this day historical with you!

Keep in mind, with the support we get, if we manage to become the Product of the Day, the PH will share Stack story with their 500K+ Hunters’ Community. And that will definitely make it monumental day for Stack! So, with the bottom of our heart, we would like to ask you to go the link and make your voice heard. It will just take you maximum of 2 minutes!

And now, here is the major changes you all will see in Stack 3.0:

Redesigned Topbar

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The all mighty X (aka close button) is here… Additionally, by double clicking right in the middle of each card, you can see the exact URL you are at, copy it or just open in your default browser.

Redesigned Ghost Card

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The Ghost Card action buttons on some web-pages used to block the UI of the web-app itself. Opening more than one Ghost Card was also impossible, that made Googling in Stack quite annoying experience. All these is improved now. Open as many Ghost Cards as you wish from a single card, and by simply clicking ‘Close All’, shift back your focus to the main card!

Redesigned Add New App pane (AKA Web Store)

We came to know that the search bar in the Add New App pane was not so well visible. Therefore, oftentimes new users thought that Stack was limited only to apps listed there. To solve this issue, we have redesigned the Search Bar, so it’s way more intuitive.


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Furthermore, as you start typing the name of the app, the new Search Bar filters the list so you don’t have to scroll down for selecting the one you need!

Other changes

🐞 Tons of minor bug fixes

⚡️ Performance improvements

For previous product updates, please visit the link

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