It is much easier to be productive when your work and fun apps are organised separately. And it is so simple to do in Stack.

  • Add a new space from the Space button "S" in the corner
  • Fill it up with apps that you need for work and name it accordingly
  • When you're done working, switch back to your fun space and from the same menu
  • Bonus tip: You can have as many spaces as you like and change them from Switch (⌘+L on Mac. ctrl + L on Windows)

Share Spaces

Show off your perfect spaces

You can share all apps in your space at once like this:

  • Go to the "•••" menu next to the space you want to share;
  • Select share;
  • Enter an email of the person you want to share your space with;
  • Bonus tip: You can describe your spaces before sharing.
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