Stack is a smart browser for internet multitaskers

Time to fall in love with your computer again

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Multitask like a pro

Align your most used apps side by side and keep them on sight together at all times without switching anything.

Stay organized

Break free from stone age tabs, group your apps in Stacks and stay focused on what matters most.

Navigate at a lightning speed

Jump between your apps like a superhuman using the Teleport without ever having to look for them with your eyes.

Unleash the power of multiple accounts

Run each app as a private session, log in to your apps with unlimited different accounts and increase your productivity while we make sure your privacy is protected.

Keep the clutter away with a click

Open the quick-reads and temporary pages in Ghost Cards and close them all at once when you’re done.

What others would be saying about us

Well... Everything is relative but this app is definitely awesome!


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Stack exists with the user-first philosophy.
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