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Stack is an immersive experience of the internet with collaboration at its core. Achieve more with your peers in an organized environment

Spatial browser for mindful online living

Multitask efficiently

Open apps in
split-screen Cards and forget the tab clutter

Organize your work

Group the Cards you need together in Stacks to keep them at hand

Focus on what matters most

Create distraction-free Spaces for different tasks to stay in the zone


To arrange all your websites and apps like you would at your personal workspace


A card is where the web content is loaded.


A group of horizontally aligned cards.


A collection of stacks in the 3rd dimension.

Navigate at
the speed of thought

We call it Switch. Press Command + L and fly like wind


Open multiple

side by side

you can have as many accounts of the same app as you like

Block Ads & Trackers

Protect your privacy and avoid being tracked by any web applications you use.

Unified Notifications

Mute all of your applications with a single click, or mute each card individually.

Chrome Extensions

Enable your favorite Chrome extensions in Stack; they work pretty much the same as they would in your browser.

Auto Refresh

Set a custom refresh timer to monitor multiple news feeds, media channels, trading platforms, etc.

Stackers are everywhere

At the end of the day it’s not about Stack and what it can do,

It’s all about you and what you can do with Stack.

Stack is not a browser, neither it’s just a computer program, but it’s an idea, the idea to make our new virtual home pleasant and inviting.

We just started with the browser.

What’s happening in the company?

Stack Raised $850K in seed funding

Stack raised $850K in Seed Round from Peak Capital and 500Startups to build the first tab-less browser or as we call it Operating System for the Internet.
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