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You too can be a 'Superhuman'

This is how we see the future!

stack raised seed funding

And here we go!

Stack raised $850k in Seed Round from Peak Capital and 500Startups to build the first tab-less browser or as we call it Operating System for the Internet.

How to use Stack like a True Stacker

How to use Stack like a True Stacker

This 7-min article will teach you how to use Stack like a true Stacker.

Endorse Someone on LinkedIn

How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn

We're talking about a way to back someone's aptitude and experience, creating a sturdy foundation of a healthy business relationship. With that said, here's what precisely you need to do.

How To Organize Browser Tabs

The time of reinventing how to organize browser tabs has come. In this day and era, where information has become so abundant, browser tabs (especially when there are lots of them) have, in turn, grow into a problem.

How to Get Endorsements on Linkedin

Getting endorsements on LinkedIn is a good social proof that gives credibility to your skills. If you’re out looking for opportunities, getting endorsed for your skills could land you a job or two (especially when coupled with recommendations).

Looking For the Best Mailplane Alternative? We Got Your Back!

In this article, we'll introduce you to a very special Mailplane alternative that will certainly meet all your expectations (and then some more).

Multiple Evernote Accounts

As you may know, Evernote is a powerful app made for note-taking, organizing projects, task management, and archiving. Using the app, you can collect and organize texts, pictures, videos, and audio recordings.

Manage Google Calendar Multiple Accounts

To avoid overlapping events —or plainly forgetting about them—, centralizing your calendars is key. The following are easy-to-follow solutions for keeping your Google Calendar in place.

10 Cool Discord Features to Try Straight Away!

Are you looking for cool Discord features and tricks to enhance your productivity, stay in touch with your community, or simply have more fun on Discord?

YouTube to mp3 Reddit - Safe Converters

Are you looking to convert videos from YouTube to MP3? As you may know, YouTube doesn’t offer an option for downloading audio from its videos.

What Does Queued Mean in Gmail?

You’ve probably seen an email stuck trying to be sent, and you’re wondering what does “queued” means in Gmail?

What Is a Highlighted Comment on YouTube

If you’re the type who reads a lot of comments on YouTube, you must’ve experienced seeing one with a highlighted note above it.