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You too can be a 'Superhuman'

This is how we see the future!

stack raised seed funding

And here we go!

Stack raised $850k in Seed Round from Peak Capital and 500Startups to build the first tab-less browser or as we call it Operating System for the Internet.

How to use Stack like a True Stacker

How to use Stack like a True Stacker

This 7-min article will teach you how to use Stack like a true Stacker.

Facebook Desktop Login

Facebook Desktop Login - Unleash the Power of Facebook On Your Desktop!

What is the best way for Facebook Desktop Login? Read step-by-step guide in the article.

TikTok Desktop App Isn’t Yet Here - So Try The Next Best Thing!

Since TikTok desktop app isn’t yet on offer (and will hardly ever be), there is a way to use it effectively from desktop.

Modern browser features from stack

Modern Browser Features

Doesn't it feel like new browser features have been missing for a long time? That's because they have.

Google Calendar Desktop App

This article explains how to get Google Calendar for desktop, how it works, and how to enhance the overall experience.

Internet browser sessions

How Many Internet Browser Sessions Can You Have Open at One Time?

Wondering how many Internet browser sessions can you have open at one time?

Instagram Desktop Login

Instagram Desktop Login – Tips on Accessing Instagram From Your Computer!

If you’re eager to try Instagram’s Web version, know that you won’t get the best experience on just about any Web browser.

How to switch between twitter accounts

How to Switch Between Twitter Accounts

The answer to all your needs is a Web browser called Stack, using which you can easily switch between Twitter accounts on your computer – without logging out. That's right.

How to Switch Between Gmail Accounts

We get it; you must be wondering – “How do I switch between Gmail accounts on a computer?” and your online research leads you nowhere, right? Well, know that you’ve come to the right place that will answer all your needs.

Switch Gmail Accounts

How to Switch Outlook Accounts

Are you looking for a way to switch Outlook accounts on your computer? Its very easy with Stack - Read step-by-step guideline.

Switch Facebook Accounts

How Do I Switch Facebook Accounts?

How do I switch between Facebook accounts on computer? The standard method is pretty straightforward - visit our blog and get detailed guideline