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The Story

Hello World! We are Stack...
And we have a story to tell...

Chapter 1 - Genesis

It's July 2018... Stack is born... tagline - Tweetdeck for Social Media!

Started as a side-project... very soon morphed into an ambitious plan - building the Browser for Productivity, and later the First Operating System for the Internet.

There were many taglines in between.

Everything went exactly as it is written in textbooks: Side-project... funding from Friends & Family... early MVP... TechCrunch Top Pick... 1st Accelerator... Product Hunt launch... MacRumors product of the year... first Angel investment... a trip to San-Francisco...

We even called ourselves a perfect textbook startup... It was fun... not bad... but usual... nothing special... nothing outstanding... until March 23, 2020.

Chapter 2 - The community

The second chapter of Stack story is a scary journey... A cocktail of panic, fright, excitement, and joy...

There are a handful of startups whose investment agreements are canceled due to ‘Force Majeure', the most redundant clause in the contracts. There are even fewer startups, who are saved by its community of just a couple of hundred people during the most uncertain period of the global pandemic.

854 Stackers saved Stack from failing...

But that is already a history... a past that we are so proud of, and a story that helped us raise 2.5m Seed Round to build the future...

Chapter 3 - Stack Universe

The World has gone crazy!

News & fake news, opinions, facts & 'alternative facts'... a post-truth era... Today an average person is consuming more information in a day than one hundred years ago during the entire lifespan. There are more web pages than people.

Social media addiction dramatically decreased attention span, and vastly increased ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression rates... Global Pandemics, blurred lines... working from home and living at work.

This is your world of today! This is where you live now!

"But, wait, are not you building a browser? What does all this has to do with Stack?"

The internet has a big role in all of these.

It has become a primary place where we spend most of our time. This is where we work, have fun, communicate with each other and meet new people! A metaverse that we have been building together for the past 30 years...

For all its material advantages, the internet of today is excruciatingly messy, disorienting. And many would argue it is the root cause for lots of generational problems we are facing.

The browser is the primary tool we use to access the internet. And it is the most boring software ever created as its job has never been anything more than just providing access to the web.

What if a browser, instead of just providing access to the Web, was your personal spaceship in this extraordinary Universe of the internet?

A Universe that has focus and organization at its core!

So neat that you can switch the entire work environment to home with one click... A universe that can address social media addiction, a place where you can relax and even meditate - A conscientious environment for conscious information consumption.

The place where you can create value and be productive...

A Universe that has privacy and transparency at its core!

Instead of making money by selling your data, a decentralized tool that gives you full ownership...

A Universe that is inherently collaborative!

A place where remote working is as pleasant as sitting in one office... A collaborative multiplayer universe...

The virtual place where you truly belong!

Join us in the exploration of Stack Universe!

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