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Browsing essentials

Unlimited profiles

Unlimited Flows

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Browsing essentials

Unlimited profiles

Unlimited Flows

11 color themes

live collaboration (soon)

2 Exclusive cursors

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Motivated to find lifelong journey companions and like-minded people who share our vision, we have released a limited number of lifetime licenses of Stack PRO

We believe that together we can turn the internet into a harmonious space for all. Stack PRO gives you the power to create Unlimited Flows and convert the chaotic web into a mindful and peaceful virtual home. Colorful Themes make spaces more enjoyable and reflective of your individuality and style.

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# ๐ŸŽฎ personal
# ๐Ÿ“š study
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Colorful realms

Grand Canyon

We believe that the impossible can become inevitable when we work together. Therefore, we aim to build Stack as an inherently multiplayer browser with Figma-like Collaborative Spaces where you can have all your apps, friends, and family interacting harmoniously. The revenue accrued through selling lifetime licenses is largely spent to ship the first version of live collaboration by Q3 of this year.

We believe in the decentralized future where individuals have full control and ownership over their digital assets. Hence, each lifetime license is linked to non-fungible tokens guaranteeing full ownership rights. The art of each of these NFT is a unique Spaceship Mouse Cursors that can be set as default on your computer.

Lastly, we believe that nothing feels as fulfilling as being part of a group of individuals who share your curiosity, drive, and dedication.

By buying Stack Lifetime License you are also supporting the team behind Stack and investing in the company's future. And as a result, joining the passionate community of thousands of Stackers with direct access to the founding team!

+6,255 Stackers

The Roadmap

In December, we achieved one of the biggest milestones in our product's history. We rebuilt Stack from the ground up using native technology that is faster, more memory-efficient, and most importantly, scalable.

Our next big milestone is to create a fully functional single-player browser that can do pretty much everything that traditional browsers do, including extensions, a password manager, and a download manager.

After that, a new chapter begins in Stack's history, as it becomes a multiplayer browser!

Why sell Lifetime Licenses?


to raise funds from Stackers

We want to generate upfront cash demonstrating products viability


to grow the community

We are looking for like-minded Stack believers to help us build the best browsing experience


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Technology & Limitations

NFT, spaceship cursors, and live collaboration

Who are we?

We are a small team of curious wanderers of this epoch, united by the passion for making changes that matter! We donโ€™t differentiate based on gender, race, religion or sexual orientation, and we believe that this universe was created after the Big Bang. We usually work hard but we do know how to have funโ€ฆ Besides believing in the limitless power of human collaboration, we also know that the answer is 42!

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