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You too can be a 'Superhuman'

This is how we see the future!

Split Screen Browser

There is a new split-screen browser in town. Unlike other browsers out there, you do not have to bother yourself with opening different tabs on different windows and minimizing them yourself just to fit all of them on the screen

How to Watch Multiple Twitch Streams

If you’ve been wondering how to watch multiple Twitch streams – know that you’ve come to the right place! Your gaming dreams are about to come true, thanks to Stack. And of course, we’re here to tell you all there’s to know, so let’s jump right in.

Tips for Streaming on Twitch

In the last couple of months, people were confined at home and have to deal with the pandemic silently. One of the most favorite things people do (especially the young ones) is to watch streams on Twitch.

become multitasker

How to Become a True Multitasker

A multitasker does a lot of things so rapidly that it looks almost simultaneous. At first glance, it looks like multitasking is about doing a lot of things at the same time. But a true multitasker knows that isn’t the case.

Discover the Best Way to Browse Reddit – Like a True Pro!

Reddit is perhaps the ultimate resource of online information – from pretty much any domain of life. We're sure you've found yourself spending hours exploring subreddits, sometimes maybe even getting lost in Reddit's somewhat hectic navigation.

Google Drive Access Denied - How to Fix It?

It is not at all unusual coming across the mildly infuriating "Google Drive access denied" error while attempting to download or access a document. Hopefully, most of the time fixing it is an easy and straightforward process.

Multiple Facebook Accounts

Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts and Pages

There are reasons why want to use multiple Facebook accounts. Some people use different accounts for work and personal life. On the other hand, there are also people, like social media managers, that manage different Facebook accounts.

Outlook vs Gmail

Outlook vs Gmail - Which one is better?

The Outlook vs Gmail matchup is rarely a competition for settling which one is second to none. Both are top-notch products and fully comply with their purpose.

Unleash Your Productivity with Project Management Apps!

During this year alone, project management apps have evolved at an incredibly rapid pace. They have positioned themselves as a highly effective solution to accommodate remote work environments.

Manage multiple Pinterest accounts via Stack

How to Manage Multiple Pinterest Accounts

It is possible to manage multiple Pinterest accounts – but you won’t get to do this via a built-in feature. Instead, we’re going to advise you to use a new-age Web browser, called Stack.

Multiple monitors - change primary monitor

Multiple Monitors - How to Change Primary Monitor

Some say multiple monitors are a one-way trip, and while modern systems don't have much trouble managing this setup, how to change the primary monitor is a different process in each OS.

Multiple twitter accounts

Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

Are you looking for a way to log into multiple Twitter accounts? If so, you’ve come to the right place!