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Manage Google Calendar Multiple Accounts

To avoid overlapping events —or plainly forgetting about them—, centralizing your calendars is key. The following are easy-to-follow solutions for keeping your Google Calendar in place.

10 Cool Discord Features to Try Straight Away!

Are you looking for cool Discord features and tricks to enhance your productivity, stay in touch with your community, or simply have more fun on Discord?

YouTube to mp3 Reddit - Safe Converters

Are you looking to convert videos from YouTube to MP3? As you may know, YouTube doesn’t offer an option for downloading audio from its videos.

What Does Queued Mean in Gmail?

You’ve probably seen an email stuck trying to be sent, and you’re wondering what does “queued” means in Gmail?

What Is a Highlighted Comment on YouTube

If you’re the type who reads a lot of comments on YouTube, you must’ve experienced seeing one with a highlighted note above it.

How to Mark All Emails as Read in Gmail

Without any doubt, knowing how to mark all emails as read in Gmail will come in handy on many occasions. Stick with us for a while, and we'll show you precisely what you need to do.

How to quote on reddit

Follow the Steps to Quote on Reddit

Reddit is popularly known as the front page of the internet. As of 2019, the platform has more than 450 million active monthly users, which is more than 200% growth over the past five years.

Combine messaging app

Combine Messaging Apps

Imagine if you could combine messaging apps in one place while using a computer. No more switching over from Discord to Messenger to Slack to TeamSpeak and all the various messenger apps that you use.

Zoom VS Skype

Let's start this Zoom vs Skype comparison by pointing out that video chatting has become the norm in work and education; not to mention leisure and fun. Therefore, we will review these apps and later determine their fitness for different use cases.

manage multiple paypal accounts

How to Manage Multiple PayPal Accounts

It doesn't come as a surprise that you can manage multiple PayPal accounts as an individual. After all, PayPal gives you that functionality built-in, as each account is tied to a unique email address.

how to improve multitasking skills online

How to Improve Multitasking Skills Online

Is there a point in something like learning how to improve multitasking skills? The answer is YES!

Multiple Linkedin Accounts

Opening multiple LinkedIn accounts is a problem since you can’t do that easily with a single browser. In fact, the most number of accounts you can open is two per app, from the regular session and from the “incognito” session.