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Stack is a Spatial Browser for Mindful Online Living

Websites in Stack

Cards instead of tabs

In Stack, instead of tabs, you have cards aligned side by side in a spatial environment.

Fly Mode

Organize Everything in Flows

Use one-key shortcuts & experience the lightning fast navigation

/ Coming soon

Create & Build together

Send files, messages & links, and build things in figma-like multiplayer environment

Owned Bythe Community

Stack is now listed on WeFunder, making it possible for the users to become the real shareholders as well.

And there is even more...

Hey Special...

Hey Human! I'm your personal assistant in your Stack spaceship

Keyboard first

Navigation in Stack feels like playing a game

Fly mode


All your favorite Chrome extensions

If extensions is part of your daily flow, don't worry we've got you covered.

Colorful realms

Passion Fruit

Surfing without being followed

Enjoy a mindful journey without Ads and trackers

Multiple profiles

Add as many profiles as you want and easily switch from one to another...


With love from our Stackers...

Benjamin Kitt

Director of Engineering

Stack is much more effective than any of the alternatives ever were. It's a fantastic idea, a fantastic application!

Pearlyn Neo


Stack is the dream tool I've been looking for. I've tried many other similar ones, but none was as fast, simple and customisable. The community and team is awesome too!

Aaron Autrand

Senior Copywriter

I love Stack - it makes it easy to separate my work and personal internet. Having all the web-based tools I use in one place keeps me organized and focused

Nicola H Styles

Creative Director

I use Stack every single day. Seriously, I can't survive without Stack. It's the most remarkable!

Steven Cornelis


We’ve been working with Stack for years, & their latest beta is amazing! Speed and ease of use is tough to find in any browser, let alone one that is multitasking friendly!


Front End Engineer

Been using Stack the past couple of weeks. One of the best productivity tools I've used. Can't recommend it more.

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