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4242 Lifetime PRO Licenses as NFTS

4242 Lifetime PRO Licenses as NFTS

4242 Lifetime PRO Licenses as NFTS

Grab your spaceship and enjoy your ride in Stack Universe.

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Stack Utilities

This is a utility NFT project. Beyond the beautiful art of cursor spaceships, you will get the lifetime PRO access to a real product and cash rewards based on contribution.

Lifetime Access to Stack PRO


Your Annual Cash Rewards

Earn a share of Stack's income from premium subscriptions

Custom Cursors

Imagine, your unique and beautiful cursor truly belongs to you.


The Art

Your cursor is your fellow-traveler in the infinite realms of the internet.

So we designed cursor-shaped spaceships and named them after the greatest explorers of the world and mind of all time.

Behind Stack

We are a team of knowledge curious wanderers, united by the mission of making the internet a mindful place

Backed by 11 investors...

And 800+ Stack Angels who supported Stack during the hard times of 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you building a new browser?

How is Stack different?

How do you make money?

Who are in the team?

Who are the partners?

Why are you selling NFTs?

What is the Utility?

What is the Art?

What determines rarity?

Which blockchain are you using?

When is the Mint Date?

How can I get whitelisted?

How many NFTs can one wallet buy?

Do you have a refund policy?

How does the refund work?

How can I contribute?

Grab your spaceship

And join the ride

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