Google Chrome for Mac - Pros & Cons
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Google Chrome for Mac - Pros & Cons

Lasha Mironidze

Without any doubt, Google Chrome for Mac is the most widely-used Web browser out there (yes, even on Apple’s desktop OS). However, just because it’s hugely popular - this doesn’t mean that it’s suitable for every type of user. There are many options out there, even for those who are trapped in Google’s ecosystem.

We have to admit - this Web browser is super useful for some stuff. However, it does have certain limitations. So, let’s talk about Google Chrome for Mac - its benefits, downsides, and a possible alternative that we think you’ll be thrilled to try.

Pros of Google Chrome for Mac

First, let’s check out the reasons why you’ll want to use Google Chrome on your Mac. There’s plenty to talk about here, but it all comes down to the following three things.

It’s Easy to Use

Chrome has been around for a long time now - and it grew into a mammoth of today’s Web browsers. This means that it comes with a highly streamlined UI, you can customize its appearance via themes, and you can use it on plenty of devices.

How to change Google Chrome Themes

This also leads us to another thing - Google Chrome is across-platform browser. You’ll get a unified interface, no matter which platform you use it on. And we’re talking about Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and plenty of other platforms.

It Packs Plenty of Useful Features

Want to fine-tune your experience of watching YouTube videos? Looking for a way to create spreadsheets? Want to quickly check your email? Interested in translating Web content? Google Chrome can help with all this - via numerous extensions that are free to install.

You Can Rely on Its Security

Google understands the importance of providing a safe Web browsing experience. That’s why Google Chrome users get plenty of automated security features. You can count on its built-in systems to prevent you from visiting dangerous websites. This browser also works wonders on detecting unwanted software and preventing malware from reaching your device.

Cons of Google Chrome for Mac

It would be a mistake to look at Google Chrome through rose-colored glasses. Therefore, let’s face the harsh truth of the Web browser’s limitations.

It Prevents You From Using Multiple Accounts

No, we’re not talking about multiple Google Chrome accounts here. We’re talking about multiple accounts you might have on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Asana, Slack, or Trello.

Using multiple accounts on Chrome means having to log-in and log-out all the time. This switching between accounts can be a time-consuming and tedious process. Talk about a productivity setback, right?

It Slows Down During Active Web Browsing Sessions

Google Chrome does many things admirably. However, when faced with a large number of tabs - you better hope that you Mac is strong enough to handle this. Chrome is notorious for eating up all your RAM, which can be a major problem.

If you care about keeping your Mac running at its best, you should definitely consider switching to a different Web browser. The same applies to those looking to extend their notebook’s battery life.

It Doesn’t Let You Categorize Opened Tabs

Google Chrome tabs

One of the biggest cons of Google Chrome is its lack of organization. Let’s say that you’ve opened a bunch of social media websites, along with news and productivity sites. Sadly, this browser can’t help you organize those tabs. Instead, it all comes down to switching between them manually.

So, Is There an Alternative Solution for Mac Users?

Well, yes - there’s an alternative that will most definitely meet your every need. Allow us to introduce you to Stack, one of the hottest apps used by thousands of Mac users worldwide.

Stack is a Multitasking Powerhouse

Want to open multiple Twitter accounts at the same time? Or Instagram profiles? Maybe you’re into LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, or Pinterest? Stack allows you to open many Web apps at the same time - and this includes multiple instances of the same app.

Request Access

It Elevates Your Productivity To a Whole New Level

In terms of productivity Stack is a great tool for Mac. You can check your Gmail, access your Google Drive, Google Calendar, create spreadsheets, documents, and slides. And all of this can be done simultaneously - while still allowing you to use your Google account as you normally would. All in all, you can still use Google chrome for browsing and enjoy stack for applications that you use on a daily basis.

You’ll Never Miss a Message Again

As you start using a number of Web apps, Stack can channel their notifications. This means that you’ll easily stay on top of the latest notifications, no matter how many Web apps you plan on using. And if things get overwhelming - you can mute all those, at once.

So, dear Google Chrome users, are you willing to try something different on your Mac? If you are, go ahead and  Request Access straight away. It comes free of charge, and it’s waiting on you to rediscover the joys of using the Web!

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