how to improve multitasking skills online
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How to Improve Multitasking Skills Online

Rodrigo Ferreyra

Is there a point in something like learning how to improve multitasking skills? Considering how we use computers, the whole concept of multitasking seems like a given. However, while digital devices allow us to do more in less time, that's only part of the picture.

In fact, multitasking can end up affecting our workflow. You probably have found yourself strangled in one of these situations:

  • Chatting on every messaging app there is.
  • Trying to simultaneously write or reply to several emails.
  • Constantly checking sites such as Asana or Slack for keeping updated.
  • A quick web search leading to countless open web pages you have to look at (and forget to close later).
  • Watching a few videos you had for later, going from one to another, while also listening to podcasts and music.
Multitasking online

Practical Tips to Improve Multitasking Skills

It's easy to affirm, then, that everyone can multitask, but how many can do so effectively? Like most things, you have to educate yourself to use them properly. And while it may sound bothersome, learning how to improve multitasking skills can be as easy as:

  1. Learning hotkeys for moving through your apps or performing certain actions.
  2. Closing casual tabs once you're done with them. If not, it will become a mess trying to find something later, and it can slow down your computer.
  3. Using dedicated workspaces for each branch of your activities. In this way, you will have a swift idea of where each thing is.
  4. Cutting interruptions. Even more so if you multitask distractions. Get used to the Do Not Disturb mode on your devices. Also, close apps unrelated to your immediate tasks.
  5. Using apps side-by-side rather than piled up on top of each other, benefiting from all your screen space.

Use Stack to Boost Your productivity Online

Moreover, it is also worth mentioning that Stack encompasses most of these features in a single and accessible tool.

Stack was created to conclusively improve multitasking skills and everyday productivity. Using Stack ensures you to save time and energy, letting you focus on your tasks. Everything you may need has its specific place on the screen and is widely customizable.

For example, Stack natively helps you take advantage of your screen space:

  • First, click on the web-app you need. You can find your Stacks on the right panel or look in the search bar.
  • When launched, your app will only take the space of the screen fixed for that app in particular. You can adjust it if you want to.
  • Then, you can continue to launch other apps. These will open one next to the other.

Likewise, in order to improve multitasking skills, let's say you want to use multiple accounts of the same app. Stack has an easy solution for doing so:

  • Go to the app's top bar right corner and click in the three dots menu, then switch on Private Session.
  • Log in to one of your accounts.
  • You can then open a new tab for that same app right next to the other and login with a different account.

Stack's Ghost Card, for its part, allows you to quickly review your search results and clean them afterward:

  • When you have to open multiple pages, use ⌘ (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) + click.
  • Stack will open each one of them in individual tabs.
  • When you are done, click on the Close All top bar option. This will erase all Ghost Cards.

The best part: these are but a few of Stack features designed with multitasking in mind. To get started, request access to Stack Next.

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