May Newsletter | 2020
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May Newsletter | 2020

Dachi Gubadze

The final month of crazy Spring is over.
In this post you will learn how successful it was for Stackers.

User Growth

Organic growth soared in May. We increased the number of active users with 58%, surpassing 18K WAU. Keep in mind, Stack has been growing purely organically so far, as we haven’t used any paid growth channels. Check out this Mixpanel screenshot for having a better overview on our user growth for the last three months.

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Support Campaign

In late March, one of our major investors suspended investment activity and backed out from the investment agreement. Given that we had signed the term sheet from both sides, this was totally unexpected to us and put the company in front of serious financial hardship. To overcome the challenges, we approached our users, explained the situation, and asked them to back us.
And the support we received exceeded our expectations. If you want to learn more on what our community can do, visit the page by clicking on this image.

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☄️ Joining 500Georgia

After an exhaustive and tough selection process, multiple interviews, and diligence procedures, we got selected among the top 15 young companies to join the next batch of 500Startups. Given that we are scale-up ready and starting active fundraising in this month, the amazing network, the knowledge, and the experience the acceleration program brings is especially valuable to us.

TechCrunch Interview

Back in December 2019, TechCrunch selected us as a top pick startup. We pitched and exhibited Stack at Disrupt Berlin. Check out George interviewed there by Tech Crunch, which was published just a few days ago by them. You can read what people tweet about Stack in general by clicking image below!

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This is it for now!
Thanks for being with us!

For a better overview on our month to month progress, you can see previous Newsletters on this link. To track our progress on the product side, please check the What’s New section in the native cards inside Stack, or visit this link

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