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TikTok Desktop App Isn’t Yet Here - So Try The Next Best Thing!


Since TikTok desktop app isn’t yet on offer (and will hardly ever be), the only way to use that social media network is via its website. So, if you’re looking for a way to use TikTok on your computer, know that its website should meet all your needs (in terms of watching and even uploading videos).

Still, know that it’s important which Web browser to use to interact with TikTok, especially if you’re looking for the best and more powerful way to access that wealth of content. With that said, we’d like to show you a Web browser unlike any other, offering features that you won’t find even in TikTok’s official app. So, make sure to keep on reading!

No TikTok Desktop App? No Problem - Use Stack Browser Instead

Stack is a next-generation Web browser with a unique concept that’s especially useful for scrolling through TikTok’s feeds. It’s the best way to experience TikTok for desktop, as it breaks away from traditional tabs (yes, you’ve read that right!).

Once you start using Stack, you’ll switch to using cards instead of tabs. At their core, those two are similar, as you can open multiple cards to visit multiple sites. However, the thing is that Stack’s cards is that they’re are resizable and found in a scrollable horizontal row. That means that you can open as many cards as you want, and then see all of them simultaneously. After experiencing it, you will stop thinking about TikTok Desktop App forever

TikTok Desktop Login Via Stack

Download Stack and try it by yourself.

In other words, once you visit TikTok’s desktop login and access your account, you’ll open a single card in Stack, just like you would do on any other Web browser. Then, you can keep opening more cards, using each of those to visit TikTok, keeping all of those cards visible at once.

Since each card is independent, you can log in to different TikTok accounts and interact with all of them at the same time. That’s how you can scroll through several TikTok accounts at once (no matter how many accounts you might have). And if you want to keep your eye on some other social media network, just open a new card (while keeping your existing TikTok card on your screen, playing right in front of your eyes).

With that said, know that Stack isn’t only a replacement for a not-yet-available TikTok desktop app. Instead, it’s a whole new way to use TikTok, even when compared to its mobile apps. It comes with features not found in other browser or TikTok’s own app.

What Else You Should Know About Stack Browser

Stack doesn’t just give you access to your TikTok desktop login. Don’t forget that we’re talking about a Web browser here, which means that it works with any website or Web app. It’s not only compatible with TikTok, but with the entire Internet!

We’ll also add that Stack lets you organize cards into rows (stacks), which can be organized into spaces, letting you transform the browser on the fly. In a split second, you can switch between your favorite news sites, streaming apps, productivity apps, social media, and more.

Then, Stack lets you block ads and trackers, unify all your Web notifications (just like on your phone), set websites to auto-refresh, and more. There’s even a whole bunch of useful shortcuts made for advanced users, letting you control the entire Web using your fingertips.

So, if you want to revolutionize your interaction with TikTok, make no mistake and request access to Stack Next!

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