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v 2.11.0 | Spacebar

Dachi Gubadze

Hey Fast People!

How are you all doing?
Here at Stack, we continue to work hard, although as you may have heard we recently ran out of money and even started a donation campaign.
Read more on that here.

Quite many of you supported us!

And first and foremost, we would like to express our greatest gratitude towards you ??You guyz rock! Definitely the greatest users we could have ever dreamed about

Now, getting back to this update:
This is a small update with a major (but optional) design change:

Introducing New Spacebar

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We have come to know that when working inside one stack, scrolling from let to right, while visually apps sit above each other on the sidebar, could be quite confusing. We also don’t see any particular reason, why the positioning of the sidebar should not be optional. Hence, with that in mind, we are introducing Spacebar — A dock with option to arrange your apps both horizontally or vertically.

View → Move Spacebar Bottom

And it comes especially in handy if you are using Stack in a full-screen mode

Improved scroll animations

We have optimized scroll speed between apps and stacks. Now the scroll has fixed speed instead of fixed animation time. It will take less time to scroll between neighbor cards then the cards aligned far from each other. Please let us know your thought and if there’s something we should further improve on.

Stack for all platforms

Last but not least, we have decided that time has come to make Stack for all platforms — And very soon, we will be releasing Windows & Linux versions!
So, spread the word! And tell your friends using other Operating Systems — soon they will also have the opportunity to become a Stacker and organize all their apps in one place!

Other changes

🐞 Tons of minor bug fixes

⚡️ Performance improvements

For previous product updates, please visit the link

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