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Dachi Gubadze

Hello Fast People!

How is your winter holidays preparation going? ?
Here at Stack, we have a great news for you & for us ?
After 3+ months of hard work, many weekend working retreats, and countless sleepless nights, the Stack PRO is here…

And it comes with two most requested features:

Stack Spaces

switching between work and personal life has never been so easy!


monitoring news-feeds taken to next level!

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the most requested candy feature for beloved Stackers: ?

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A Message to Fellow Stackers

In the next months we will be adding additional features to STACK PRO, such as access to extensions, & the price will increase. But if you become Stack PRO now, no matter how many features we add, 4.2 $ per month will be a lifetime price for you.

And the last but not least, keep in mind, that by subscribing to STACK PRO, you not only get access to the exclusive features, but you are also supporting Stackers’ team continue to develop a stable and well-maintained product!

And in the name of entire Stack team, we would like to thank you for that!

Other changes

🐞 Lot’s of minor bug fixes

⚡️ Performance improvements

For previous product updates, please visit the link

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