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At Stack, we are creating a tool that helps millions of people design and organize their own place in this digital universe that we call the internet.

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The mission

The internet has become a place where we spend most of our time. This is where we work, have fun, communicate with each other and even meet new people!

The primary tool - browser, using which we do all these activities, has never been designed for that purpose. It was designed for browsing the web, which is just 10% of our daily internet activities.

Furthermore, the browser even fails to meet the modern browsing needs, as its design hasn't evolved for more than 15 years! There is no other software on this planet that is used by 3.5 billion people everyday and has the same design for so long.

All this makes our daily internet experience messy and disorienting.

We are on the mission to change that!

The Product

Stack got started as a launchpad for social media. Today it is a tab-less browser designed to increase your productivity... In near future, it will be the very first operating system for the internet...

So, the main adventure is just getting started...

Our Journey

What started as a Tweetdeck for social media, has turned into an ambitious project for building the first Operating System for the Internet.

The Guiding Principle - User experience and design is what matters most!

The Team

We are a team of 12 with an office in Amsterdam, but team members in three countries - the Netherlands, US, and Georgia. We don’t differentiate based on gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation, and we believe that this universe was created after the Big Bang. We usually work hard but we do know how to have fun… and as others say, we’re generally likeable...

Also, we all know, that the answer is 42!


The community of Stackers is our backbone!

When we needed help and support the most, they stood for us, and literally saved Stack!

Stackers are 'OCD people'. The  design of each miniscule detail is super important for them.

Therefore, at Stack, we are building a product where each component is well-thought!

Stackers are also busy people, and after appealing design, speed is what matters for them the most!

But before you start thinking about joining the team, feel free to join Stackers' community first and get to know the people who will use and love your creation!

What we offer...

Exciting stuff

An adventurous life of a Startupper!

Life at Stack is full of ups and downs. One thing that we guarantee is that you will never get bored!

Building something that truly matters!

We are not hiring you to work weeks & months for changing the color of one button of a web-page of a large enterprise tool. You are joining us to build the first OS for the internet!

Seeing the impact of what you do in real-time, from real

You will be designing and shipping features every month, sometimes twice a month! And there is nothing more exciting than following the reactions of the real users!

Adventurous team retreats 4 times a year (even if you are on remote)

Once in every 3 months our entire team retreats to one or another cozy and beautiful villages of the Netherlands for 2-3 nights. Note that when we say we know how to have fun, we mean it!

Essential Stuff

Competitive Salary & Equity

On top of providing a competitive salary, we also have an option pool reserved for the most valuable future members of our team!

New Equipment

We will provide anything you might need to boost your productivity, including a new laptop, screen, or any productivity tool!

6 weeks paid vacation

We know from our personal experience how rejuvenating a good rest can be.

Parental leave

We offer new parents 9 weeks of paid parental leave, to spend quality time with family.

Join Us

If you don't find an open position that fits you, but you think you can be a great addition to our team anyway, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

Let us know how you see yourself at Stack and we will get back to you if there's a spark!

Our Partners

We are proud to be backed by some of the most reputable and experienced partners in the industry.

"We chose to go to the moon... not because it is easy, but because it is hard!"

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