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2020 Farewell

December 31, 2020

Happy New Year Stackers! 🥂

That’s it! The end of 2020 is here! And as planned we are celebrating it by releasing the largest product update to date! So, on top of surviving the craziest year in decades, Stackers do have an important extra reason to celebrate! 🎉

✨ Introducing the all-new Layout Management aka Drag & Drop

Recognize this message? Stackers tried and failed to reorder cards from the top bar 79,800 times in the last 12 months!

But this is already a past! And check out the video below to see how the future of card navigation looks:

To make card re-arrangement fully functional, in the last two weeks, we had to refactor entire layout of Stack. As a result, we now have not only the coolest card drag & drop, but also clean code, and the capability to swiftly introduce new navigation features on each update.

Hence, coming up next:

  • Card Drag & Drop across spaces
  • Drag & Drop of entire stacks
  • Drag cards from/to Spacebar
  • Re-arrangement of spaces
  • Vertical card stacking

And many many more!

Why are we putting so much effort into making navigation the most intuitive in Stack?

Because navigation speed is what we believe the paramount for boosting our productivity. With ever-improving Switch and hyper intuitive navigation functionality, in just a few months from now, Stackers will be the fastest people on the internet!
And we are dead serious about it! 💪🏻

⏯ All Streaming Services are now Supported in Stack

Making streaming services work in Stack was near to being impossible. But for New Year’s Eve, our product team did some magic 🧙🏼And now the third most requested feature, Streaming services, are available in Stack. So, after this update feel free to watch new episodes of your favorite specials on Stack.

💾 You Can Save All Your Favorite Cards too

From this update, you can save your favorite cards and access them with one click at any time. Saving functionality also allows stackers to add emojis to the card logo and rename the app. This comes especially handy when you have opened multiple instances of the same application like Gmail, as well as when searching for the right card using the Switch ⚡️

Additional new stuff

  • Download Manager
  • Reduced Installer File

Also tons of fixed bugs 🐞

                                                               - - -

To make this update happen our product team was working 24/7 for the past three weeks! But still, releasing it would not be possible without the tremendous help from our Discord community!
So the biggest thank you goes to them, and especially to these guyz:

  • Slayer
  • Chaos’ Crowl Kanigami
  • Valistyle
  • Dr.Karim
  • BTait
  • Munkumack
  • ewokee
  • Galrash
  • Kevin.rosso
  • David San

These fellas helped us fully test the update in just 2 days, detected 50+ bugs, and even jumped on short calls. And keep in mind, all this  was happening on December 29–30.

So, all Stackers owe a tip of a hat to them! 🙏🏼



The Switch

December 9, 2020
Stack Browser

Hey Stackers! 👋

How are you all doing?

An important update has just landed on your devices, but before we review all the new features, here is a small announcement for you:

We have decided to start building our community of Stackers in Discord 🙌

The primary reason for shifting from Slack and FB group to Discord is its convenience, topic-specific text & video channels, creative environment, and a plethora of great features designed specifically for building communities. So those of you who want to get to know us in person, be the first to test new features, have two instances of Stack, or just be a part of a lively community, feel free to join our server by simply clicking on this button:

This will be a space where each of us can get to know each other better, initiate video calls in one click, share our stack experiences, and simply become friends.
We will also use this discord server for doing webinars and 1:1 on-boardings in the future. Here is a sneak pick of how it looks:

If you are a Discord user, all these should sound quite familiar to you. However, if you are not, and the primary reason for you to start using Discord is our community, we would recommend simply to add our server as one of the cards in your stacks.
ps. We will keep supporting Facebook group as well. But our communication in Discord will be more active. So, we would recommend you all to join it!

And now, here is all that you get with this update:

New Features

⚡️ The Switch - Much More than just a Quickswitch

Imagine you are in chrome, scrolling news feed and all of a sudden you want to google something, what do you do? - You have to move your mouse or use shortcut to open a new tab, after that move to that new tab and start typing.
In Stack, googling can be as fast as your thought!
Wherever you are use 'CMD+L' on Mac or 'Ctrl + L' on Windows and bring googling experience closer. New design of the Switch also allows you to change cards and spaces, open a new card right next to where you are, or check our video library by typing 'how-to'.

And this is just a glimpse of the full power of Switch. As we continue adding new features to it, soon you will manage to navigate like no one else!

ps. Shortcut of 'CMD+ T / CTRL + T' for opening a new card was the most requested one. Our new Switch basically incorporates that as well. So, enjoy using it!

🖥 Screensharing

Implementing Screen Sharing functionality is especially challenging for Electron apps like Stack. The ultimate solution is rewriting Stack to Native (C++), which we are already exploring. However, it will not be any time soon. Therefore, meanwhile we have decided to come up with certain hacks to make it work at least in some web-apps inside Stack.

So, with this update you can share screen in:

  • Messenger
  • Whereby
  • Discord

We are doing our best to make it work in other web-apps as well, stay tuned!

📲 Mobile Version

Quite large number of Stackers have been requesting to have a feature that would allow to change the desktop version of Web-app inside Stack into mobile. And with this update this will be possible as well. Click on the three dotted menu at the top right corner of each card and Request Mobile Website.

New Landing page

Last but definitely not the least, today we are also releasing our new landing page. Apart from being super cool, the primary goal of the new landing page is to explain to our future users how Stack works right from the very beginning. So, go ahead, check it out and share your feedback on how good it is in doing its job!

Stack is not a browser

Minor Product Improvements

  • New Tooltips
  • New Membership Page & Trials

Important Bug fixes

  • Spell Checker
  • Log-out problem

Closing Remarks:

Farewell of 2020 definitely needs to be celebrated. And we have decided to do that by doing what we can the best - Releasing the most important update to date!
Stay Tuned! Right at New Year's eve, your Stack experience will get a dramatic boost!

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