February Newsletter | 2020
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February Newsletter | 2020

Dachi Gubadze

Announcement: if you haven’t tried Stack for a while, you definitely need to check it out! The new features and the super-fast navigation will make you feel superhuman! Download now, write to us in live chat word “February”, and get Stack PRO for free for 2 months!

The last month of Winter has elapsed… And let’s recap what we have achieved in February together, with you, our fellow Stackers ?

Major Product Updates & New Features

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Here’s Ziko’s take on the new design. Check it out for more insights

We have also added a new feature for quick Tab Navigation. Using ‘control + tab’ switching between apps has become even faster.

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All these, with the most used shortcut ‘cmd + p’ — is what makes Stackers the fastest people in the world!

Community of Stackers

Communicating via live-chat and Integrated feedback system is good, but definitely not enough! Time to build the Great Community of Stackers together! For that reason, we have created a closed Facebook Group for Stackers. The group serves two major purposes:

  • Creating a room for discussions
  • Getting to know each other better!

From now on, we will be discussing all major updates, new features and future plans, with you, the Stackers, in this closed Facebook Group. So please, go to this link, request to join the group, make your voice heard and let’s build the Community of Stackers together.

Stackers conquering the Silicon Valley

It’s been almost a month, Since GeorgeDavid and I, are in the Bay Area. Being selected among the top 25 Startups worldwide, George has pitched at Startup Grind Global Conference. We exhibited Stack at multiple occasions, met a few of the fellow Stackers in person, and grew the network.

We will be returning to the Netherlands on the 12th of March. So, any Stacker willing to meet us in person, do not hesitate to ping us!

So, What’s Next?

The journey continues. Sit back, buckle up, & get ready for the coolest new features & product updates arriving in every two weeks…

And always remember, we are building Stack together!

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