How to Sign-In to Multiple Dropbox Accounts?
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How to Sign-In to Multiple Dropbox Accounts?

Lasha Mironidze

Dropbox is a fantastic tool that helps you stay organized, no matter if you work solo or in a team. However, despite it sizable list of features, there's one question that's still plaguing an army of its users - how to sign-in to multiple Dropbox accounts? It's true that this cloud storage solution doesn't offer such functionality, but this isn't the reason not to use it.

As you can already imagine, we'll talk about using multiple Dropbox accounts throughout this article. So, without further ado - we'll tell you that this functionality is possible. However, you'll need an ultra-innovative app for this, which also comes with tons of productivity-related features. In other words, we'd like to introduce you to Stack.

Use Stack to Sign-in to 2 or More Dropbox Accounts on One Computer!

Dropbox is primarily a Web app. The same applies to Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack, and numerous others. Well, Stack helps you use those Web apps like you usually would. However, the best feature here is that you can keep those apps organized and easily accessible.

Besides, Stack helps you log-in to multiple accounts of any Web service, which is something you won't find on any Web browser available at the moment. Differently said, this means that using multiple accounts of any Web app no longer requires you to constantly log-in and out.

And now, let's check how this can be done. Here are the steps that you need to follow to sign-in to multiple Dropbox accounts via Stack.

Step by step process to login into multiple dropbox accounts
  • First, you need to download Stack from its official website. You'll be glad to hear that Stack comes free of charge - you won't find hidden fees, locked features, on in-app purchases here.
  • Once you install the application, launch it, and open the Dropbox website via Stack. You'll see Dropbox's regular website, where you can log-in using your account credentials.
  • Now, to log-in to another Dropbox account (at the same time), open another window in Stack and make sure to click on the "three dots" icon in the top-right corner. Click on 'Private Session.'
  • Use the window you've just opened to visit Dropbox once again. You'll see that you can log-in to a different Dropbox account at this moment. Since you're keeping two Dropbox windows open at the same time, you can use two different accounts at once.
  • Want to log-in to additional accounts at once? No problem! Just open another window, make it "private" and visit Dropbox. How easy does that sound, right?

Can Stack Help You Log-In to Multiple Dropbox Business Accounts as Well?

You can bet! Stack supports Dropbox and countless other Web apps without removing any of their functionalities. This means that you can still use your Dropbox Business Account, collaborate with others, make sure your files are secure, keep track of your Dropbox conversations, and plenty more.

What Else Can I Use Stack For?

Don't think of Stack as an application that only keeps you logged-in to multiple Dropbox accounts. However, if we're talking about this functionality only, there's one crucial thing to know. You can log-in to various accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, including messaging apps like WhatsApp, Slack, Skype, and more. In terms of productivity, Stack natively supports Trello, Monday, and a whole suite of Google services.

Then, know that Stack helps you organize your workspace - which is one of the reasons for this application's popularity. No more switching between different tabs in your Web browser. You can have separate spaces for different kinds of Web apps, neatly organized at all times.

And finally, we ought to mention Stack's notification feature. This is the only app that helps you stay up-to-date - no matter how many different social media or productivity accounts you have. Stack uses unified channel to deliver notifications from various Web apps, so you can quickly review all of this information. And if things get hectic - you can mute them with a single click of your mouse.

Are you intrigued by what Stack offers? Can't wait to try it out? If that's so, go ahead and Request Access. We're sure it'll soon become one of the most often used apps on your beloved Mac.

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