How do I create an email template in Gmail?
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How do I create an email template in Gmail?

Lasha Mironidze

Formulating each email for multiple recipients is often exhausting, especially if you send lots of emails every day. Even with the action of copying and pasting content, it is still very uncomfortable. We can help you to make it simpler and easier.

How do I activate templates in Gmail?

The process of enabling templates is simple and fast enough, taking no more than 1 minute. Stack will be the app that will help you with your problem in record time and without complications, just do the following:

Enabling Email templates in Gmail

1. Open the inbox using Stack.

2. Press the gear button and then select "Settings".

3. Go to the "Advanced" section.

4. Right next to the templates, you will need to click "Activate".

5. Last but not least, save your changes.

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Creating the Template

Knowing how to activate the template, we must now create it based on our tastes. For this, you will have to:

Creating new template in gmail

1. Open a new email address and select the "Compose" button.

2. Select the icon of the three points (Extra options).

3. Place the cursor over "Stacked Responses".

4. Click the "New Stacked Responses" section.

5. Write a custom name for your template.

6. Formulate the standard answer.

7. Return to "Stacked Responses" and press the "Save" part of the template.

8. Click on the "OK" button that will be attached to a pop-up window to confirm the changes made.

Insert template into new emails

Use Gmail template into new emails
  1. Open new email by clicking “compose”
  2. Select icon of the three dots (more options)
  3. Choose your created template
  4. After the answer has been added, place the name of the recipient and conclude the process by clicking on "Send".

Why to use Stack?

Stack is the most viable solution when it comes to working with different applications. It makes your working experience on the internet much better compared to traditional browsers as you can access multiple accounts of different platforms without logging out. For example, you can access three or four Instagram accounts on your PC at the same time. Sounds good right? - Its the same on all other platforms like - Facebook, Linkedin, Asana, Slack and etc.  

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