How to add custom emojis to Slack
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How to add custom emojis to Slack

Lasha Mironidze

Custom emojis have become an important part of our conversations. Each of these digital representations expresses a certain emotional state.

The use of emojis is usually intended for informal conversations in everyday life. They are not usually taken seriously in the workplace. Thanks to the existence of Slack, you will be able to interact freely with your modified emojis, something very normal in this application.

Slack is a great tool in order to:

  • Interact with people outside your team: You can share a wide variety of channels with entities and your regular team (including co-workers, customers and partners). All done to allow for more interactive communication.
  • Audiovisual communication: Make video or voice calls taking advantage of the splendid features of Slack. Also, if you want to show the progress of your work, you will be free to share what is happening on your computer screen.

Now, cool thing about Slack is that it allows you to upload and use custom emojis – it can be your favorite meme, gif, or even video of yourself. That makes your workspace more positive.

How to add custom emojis to slack? – well, you don’t need to be computer expert in order to do this, it’s very easy and simple to manage it. Follow the steps:

First, you need to upload a custom emoji

add custom emojis on Slack

To add emoji to Slack, you must do the following:

  • Log in to Slack from your desktop and go to the workspace where you want to attach the gif (workspaces are made up of their own gif directories, so you can add a custom gif to each workspace).
  • Click on the name of your workspace, located in the upper left section of the screen.
  • Press the "Customize Slack" button on the menu.
  • Select "Add Custom Emoji" and proceed to "Upload Image" to upload a file.
  • Choose a name. This is the name you will use later to find the emoji in Slack.
  • Click on "Save".

Use Stack in order to make things more comfortable

Herewith, with the help of another great application, Stack, you can make things much easier – manage multiple Slack accounts together with other social media platforms in one place. You can even have multiple accounts of the same platform without logging out from your profile, whether its Slack, Asana, Facebook or anything else. Basically, stack is an application for multitaskers that allows you to easily manage different platforms and navigate on the internet.

Request Access

How to access the uploaded emojis?

As mentioned in the previous section, you must first name them and save all changes made. Now, it is very important that you keep in mind the name you have stipulated for the emoji or set of emojis, as this will help you find them faster.

Just access Slack, go to the menu and look for the categories you have saved. By simply providing the name of the emoji, the search will be reduced to a single result: the one you were looking for.

How do I delete the custom emoji?

This is a really simple step. Slack, apart from saving various settings and schedules, also has the ability to undo or remove any component that is no longer useful to us. So you just enter Slack, find the item you want to delete and you're done. When you find your custom emoji, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on your old creation (custom emoji).
  • Several options will appear on screen after clicking.
  • What you were looking for was: "Delete Permanently".
  • By clicking on this button, the emoji will have been removed
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