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How Many Internet Browser Sessions Can You Have Open at One Time?


Wondering how many Internet browser sessions can you have open at one time? Well, that really depends on your device, as any Web browser can function until there are no more available resources to run. If you need a precise number, it is said that a Web browser can run as many as 9,000 tabs at the same time!

Of course, in day-to-day use, you most probably switch between 10-20 tabs, right? Once you go beyond those 20 tabs, you will start to experience slowdowns. However, know that if you use many tabs during your Web browsing sessions, there’s a smarter route to pick. So, keep on reading to learn more.

Use Stack Browser for as Many Sessions and Multiple Accounts as You Want!

Being a new-age Web browser, Stack is unlike any application you’ve seen before. It’s still a Web browser and comes with a familiar interface. However, you won’t find tabs here. Instead, Stack uses something called – cards.

Cards are resizable interface elements that you use to open websites. They sit in a horizontal row that you can scroll through. As you can already imagine, that means that you can open multiple websites simultaneously and interact with all of them – without ever switching between tabs or anything similar.

So, when it comes to Stack, there's a whole another answer to the question of how many Internet browser sessions you can have open at one time. And that answer would be – well, an unlimited number of sessions. Here's how exactly that works in Stack.

  • Launch Stack, and you'll be greeted by its home screen.
  • Then, check out the left-placed grid of icons.
  • Open any of the websites recommended there, or enter a URL manually.
  • Stack will now launch a new card that you can resize at any moment.
  • You can now start adding more cards to the right.
  • Keep on adding as many cards as you want – without any slowdowns!

What Else Should You Know About Stack Browser?

Make no mistake; Stack brings much more than cards (letting you get away from tabs, finally). This Web browser enables you to log in to multiple accounts of a single website (or Web app) at the same time. That's how you can manage multiple Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts, without any workarounds. Of course, that applies to any other website out there. This means that you can have as many internet browser sessions as you wish.

Then, Stack lets you organize cards into stacks and then into spaces. It works like a 3D operating system, switching between groups of websites instantly. And yes, it's powered by all kinds of shortcuts that let you cycle between “organization tiers,” do a Web search without visiting Google first, and plenty more.

To learn what else is possible, here’s how to use Stack like a true Stacker – giving you a hint of what’s possible, no matter if you’re a power user or looking for something simple. If you’re eager to try it, make sure to request access to Stack Next straight away. And if you wish to learn more, head over to Stack’s blog, where you can find plenty of tips and tricks.

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