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How Do I Switch Facebook Accounts?

Rodrigo Ferreyra

How do I switch between Facebook accounts on the computer? The standard method is pretty straightforward:

  • On Facebook, click on the Account icon at the top right of the screen.
  • Go to Switch Account. A new page will open.
  • To switch, choose between your saved accounts or add a new one (Facebook allows adding up to 10 accounts).

Bear in mind that this method only lets you use one account at a time: to switch accounts, Facebook will close your session and ask you to sign in with your other account. Each time you want to switch you will be logged out.

While this solution may be enough if you don't use more than one account daily, it is not if you need to handle different accounts simultaneously.

Switch Facebook accounts on computer without logging out

Luckily, there's an alternative for using more than one Facebook account simultaneously: Stack Browser. Conceived for meeting the demands of today's internet, Stack comes with a set of tools meant for boosting your productivity.

In this case, with Stack Browser, you can use as many Facebook accounts as you want, without one interfering with the other and without having to log out. Here's how:

  • In Stack, go to Facebook.com. You can use the apps panel or search for a new card.
  • Sign into your account.
  • Open a new card, click on the three dots button to open the options menu, and toggle on Private Session.
  • Log into your other account. You can keep your Facebook accounts open one next to the other.

Do much more than just switch between Facebook accounts

In Stack not only you can switch between Facebook accounts with ease, but do the same with every other social media. Stack offers native support for multi-accounting for all websites. Also, unlike Incognito tabs, Private Session cards can be saved and stored for reopening even after restarting Stack.

What's more, multi-accounting is just one of the features of Stack that make it a browser quite different from any other.

Up-to-date user interface

Stack's UX/UI is as cutting edge as down-to-earth. Stack is designed to look and feel fresh, responsive, and intuitive. For achieving this, tabs needed to go and make room for a tidier new system.

For web pages, Stack uses cards instead of tabs. Cards fit harmoniously next to each other and are grouped into stacks. Stacks, for their part, are grouped into spaces. The best thing is that you can customize your stacks and spaces composition to match your workflow.

Powerful shortcuts

To navigate through Stack, there's nothing like using the keyboard. Stack comes with a number of shortcuts for quickly changing cards, stacks, and spaces. All keyboard shortcuts are properly listed on Stack's bottom-left corner shortcut menu so you can get used to them before you know it.

Stack also comes with Switch as an extra tool for managing the browser without touching the mouse. Switch is a universal shortcut for accessing your pages, taking a glance at Stack how-to visual guides, or web searching whatever you type in it. Just press ⌘/Ctrl+L and Switch will pop up inside Stack.

Side-by-side windows

By design, Stack is aware of the vertical layout and scrolling that most websites prioritize these days. Cards fit the screen according to the size of the webpage, while you can manually adjust their dimensions to your liking.

To make the most of the screen space, cards are placed next to each other. This in-row setup is perfect for checking many web pages simultaneously and saves you the time it takes to change between tabs for working with different pages.

Want to learn more about Stack? Go ahead and request access to Stack Next straight away and be we'll get in touch when it’s ready to roll out!

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