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Unleash Your Productivity with Project Management Apps!

Novak Bozovic

During this year alone, project management apps have evolved at an incredibly rapid pace. They have positioned themselves as a highly effective solution to accommodate remote work environments. That's why you'll find so many different options on the global market today.

With that said, our team is here to help you gain some clarity regarding this hectic situation. We will show you the most popular (and widely used) project management apps, and we’ll unveil the ultimate productivity hack. So, let’s waste no more time!

Being productivity geeks as we are, there’s no need to think twice about which apps to recommend. At the moment, the best apps to manage projects are: Asana, Monday.com, Notion, Trello, and Click Up. Here’s what you need to know about each of those.

One of the oldest apps of its kind, Asana provides a powerful solution to managing projects. At its core, this is a task management app, which can be used to manage all kinds of projects. Everything about Asana is list-based, including assigning tasks to individual team members and keeping track of their projects. Of course, you can make Asana as complex as you want it to be via numerous integrations.

Monday.com is one of the most polished project management apps. It comes with a brilliant interface, without a steep learning curve. You get to set everything up in minutes, which is a huge benefit. You'll then get to assign tasks easily, keep track of what needs to be delivered, integrate automations to speed up your workflow, and more.

There's also a unique project management app called Notion. In addition to keeping track of everyone's workflow via Kanban boards, you can also use Notion as a central hub for your team. Wiki-like pages can speed up everyone's workflow, without anyone being left out. And on top of that, Notion comes with tools optimized for different industries, making it suitable for engineering, design, sales, marketing, and more.

If you decide to opt for Trello, you'll see the real power of Kanban boards. Trello brings a card-like interface, where your creativity is the only limit. You can also look at Trello as a digital whiteboard, with sticky notes neatly stacked and grouped. Each note can contain assignments, photos, attachments, and more – letting your team members collaborate in real-time.

And finally, we mustn’t forget to mention Click Up. Using this software, you'll get to assign and track projects, individual assignments, create central Wiki pages, communicate with your team members, and more. Click Up is also known for its highly detailed reports, which come in the form of a calendar, timeline, or Gantt chart.

Open Multiple Project Management Apps on the Same Screen!

This is where we’d like to introduce you to Stack. This is a next-generation Web browser, capable of things you won’t find anywhere else.

Stack presents multiple tabs at the same time, letting you do more on the Web. On top of that, these tabs are treated as individual sessions. Since Stack works with any productivity management app, this gives you all-new possibilities. For example, Stack is the only Web browser that lets you access multiple Asana accounts - at the same time!

To give you an example of how Stack works, we’ll show you how to open multiple accounts of Monday.com – at the same time, on the same screen.

  • This process starts by downloading Stack. This is a macOS app, and you can download it completely free of charge.
  • Install and then launch Stack. You’ll be greeted by its easy-to-use interface, asking for the first page to be opened (on the left-hand side).
  • Scroll down until you see the ‘Productivity’ group of Web apps, and click on ‘Monday.’ As you’ll see, the home page of Monday.com will now open. So, go ahead and log-in using your credentials.
  • And now, here’s something interesting. On the right side of the opened tab, click on ‘Monday’ once again. You guessed it – another instance of this project management app will now open.
  • Keep in mind that you can use the newly opened (second) tab to log-in to a different Monday.com account. That’s it – you’ll now get to access two Monday.com accounts at the same time!

Following the steps explained above, you can open as many different project management apps as you want. Or, you can log-in to multiple accounts of a single project management app – something you won’t get to do otherwise.

Sounds interesting, right? We bet it does! So, don’t forget to request access to Stack Next, . And for more tips and tricks, make sure to follow Stack’s blog. Thanks!

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