v 2.9.1 | The Guest
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v 2.9.1 | The Guest

Dachi Gubadze

Hi Stackers!

These are extra ordinary times as you all may well know. We hope all of you and your loved ones are feeling safe and healthy!

This is not our typical product update either. This is much more than that. Last two weeks have been exceptionally difficult.
But all these could change, if you can spare 3 minutes of your precious time for Stack.
Therefore, with the bottom of our heart, we would like to kindly ask you to visit this link and

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Although COVID-19 for Stack has resulted into unexpected severe financial hardship, nothing can restrain our passion to deliver value to you — the amazing community of Stackers.

Hence, this update also includes 4 important changes:

New Updater

Previous updater was blocking the UI, hence making it mandatory to update and restart Stack. Most of you are using Stack for work. We have realized that requiring you to restart Stack in the middle of your work was not a nice experience. Therefore, with Stack 2.9 we are introducing new updater.

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From now on, updates will be appearing on the left sidebar, as shown on the photo above.

Furthermore, quite soon we are starting a challenge — #1Month4Updates.

In order to support you during the Corona Crisis as much as we can, based on your feedback, we will create a public Road Map, and release new features tailored to simplify and enhance your remote process of working! We will be providing more detailed information on that quite soon!

So stay, tuned!

Referral System

We love Stack and so do you! And with this update we are making spreading the word about Stack not just easy but also mutually lucrative. Integrated referral system that you can find next to your profile, allows you to invite your friends & colleagues.

Organizing & managing all your most used apps from one place, decluttering your workspace from tabs, and offloading standard browsers, is not just a software but Lifestyle Worth Spreading!

Invite people and for each new PRO Stacker get a credit of $8.4 or in other words one month Stack PRO for free.

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Guest Mode — use Stack without authorization

We came to know that 37% of new users were dropping Stack after downloading it due to mandatory authorization. Authorizing in Stack allows you to Sync your cards, stacks & workspaces across multiple devices. It is also essential in order to communicate with us in live chat and request new feature or report a bug. Nonetheless, given that what we need now the most is the user growth, we can’t tolerate losing 37% of new installs. Hence, with this update, we are introducing Guest Mode.

Other changes

New Onboarding
Tons of minor bug fixes
Performance improvements

For previous product updates, please visit the link

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