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Dachi Gubadze

Hey Stackers!

This is a minor update released to celebrate the Major Achievement!

It has been a little over a month since we shared our hard-luck story with you and started the Stack Support Campaign. And today, we are unbelievably happy to announce that with your trust, love and support we successfully reached our 1st-month funding goal!

The mix of our feelings of pride, joy and honor for having you on our side is hard to put in words.

We did it!

We did it together!

And in the name of entire Stack team — THANK YOU!

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New Support Page

In order to celebrate this, and recap what we achieved together, we have released a new support page!

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Check out the path we went through together, meet amazing 200+ Stack angels, and learn more on What’s Coming Next!

Taking Stack Pro to the next level

Seeing Stackers going PRO to support Stack and keep it up and running has been the most encouraging and motivating thing for us in these hard times. You trusted us and made us proud of having the most incredible community ever! To meet your expectations and make YOU proud — we have decided to take PRO package to totally different level and in the next releases all these is coming to PRO, keeping the price same of course!

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Selling 500 Lifetime Packages

We came to know that from all the Pro packages, the lifetime for 99$ turned out to be the most attractive one. And although with the coming update, we think that the true price of the lifetime PRO is much more, we still decided to offer 500 packages.

As we often say, Stack is not just a software, but it’s a long and interesting journey, with the ambition to change the internet experience. So, please board on our ship for the lifetime trip!

Medium Publication

Last but not the least, we have released our publication on Medium. Here you can find all the Product Updates, Monthly Newsletters, Productivity Hacks and Our Startup Stories, organized in one place.

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Minor bug fix

  • Preserve mobile version of Instagram

For previous product updates, please visit the link

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