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Multiple YouTube Accounts on One Gmail

Rodrigo Ferreyra

Are you looking to use multiple YouTube Accounts on one Gmail address? Google follows the logic of employing a single account for all its products, this includes YouTube, on which you can only have an account per se. Still, there is a workaround.

Manage Multiple YouTube Accounts

Google treats YouTube channels and accounts differently. You can't have multiple YouTube "accounts" on one Gmail, since both accounts are one and the same, but you can manage as many channels as you want (well, actually, there's a limit of 50) with the same account.

Here's how to do it:

  1. In YouTube, open the options menu at the top right corner (profile pic).
  2. Choose Settings. Then, go to Account » Your YouTube channel » Add or manage your channel(s).
  3. Click on Create a channel.
  4. Google will ask you to define a name (or brand name) for this new channel.

And that's that. These channels will remain connected to the same account. To switch between them, once again click on YouTube's options menu and choose Switch account.

How to login into Multiple YouTube Accounts

But using multiple youtube channels under one Gmail account is only an option. If for whatever reason you prefer to keep this new channel fully independent from the others, then you'll need to create a new Google account for it.

How to Login to Multiple Youtube Accounts at the same time?

Yet working with more than one account has a downside: each time you may want to use one of them you will have to log out of the other, making it difficult to manage both accounts at the same time. Naturally, there's a workaround for this too. In fact, two workarounds:

1. Using YouTube's Add account option

The Switch account option in YouTube's menu lets you add other Google accounts to your YouTube. You can change between accounts the same way that with channels. It's ok, but not necessarily great.

2. Use Stack Browser

Thanks to Stack's native support for multi-accounting, you can have both of your YouTube accounts simultaneously open without trouble. No need to manually change between them over and over.

Plus, with Stack's cards system for web pages, using both accounts side by side becomes effortless:

  1. In Stack, open YouTube in a new card.
  2. Log in to one of your accounts.
  3. Open another YouTube card. It will open next to the other one.
  4. In the top right corner of the second card click on the three dots menu and toggle Private Session.
  5. You can now log in to your second YouTube account and have them open next to each other.

You can repeat the process with as many accounts as you want.

Besides, you can do this trick in Stack independently of the web app you're using, including popular email services such as Outlook and Gmail, or social media like Twitter and Instagram.

Want to learn more about Stack? go ahead and request access to Stack Next straight away and  we'll get in touch when it’s ready to roll out!

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