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Stack NEXT

November 10, 2022

Dear Stacker,

This is an unusual update.

After almost a year, countless sleepless nights, and tons of ups & downs - here we go again!

As you know a year ago we started rebuilding Stack from the ground up...

On a native technology with high performance and speed...

On top of that we've had a perfect chance to use our knowledge and experience and create something new...

Something fresh...

So today, we are proud to introduce you to Stack NEXT...

To a spatial, multiplayer, and mindful browser...

It is based on three main concepts...

1. Stack as a Spatial Browser

The very first design of Stack led us to the three-dimensional space where you have your own place.

Where you organize your virtual environment...

For your work and for your personal life...

It's like your house but in a digital world.

So if you have your place in this 3D universe and others have theirs, it would be logical that you could connect, visit each other and spend time together...

This thought leads us to the second concept of Stack...

2. Stack as a Multiplayer Browser

We, as humankind always strive to connect, collaborate, and form a bigger collective consciousness...

The internet broke all the physical barriers and now we can connect regardless of where we are or who we are...

Stack is the first multiplayer browser where you can truly connect, create, and build the future...

In Stack, all web applications become inherently collaborative which creates a novel experience in communication...

3. Stack as a Mindful Browser

The entire internet is mad about productivity...

About the attention...

Wherever you go you see banners, ads, promotions...

Save five minutes every day!!!

Be more productive!!!

Don't lose the second!!!

Download our app and become the super-robot!!!

Feels like the internet lost the soul...

Something human...

Something emotional...

For us, productivity is the outcome, not the purpose...

It's the result of the pleasant and joyful flow of creation and focus...

Our goal at Stack is to create an environment that will make you more aware of your surroundings...

That will make you more focused and present...

Mindfulness is the nature of Stack...

And It's the inner compass of its evolution...

So where we are now?

Stack NEXT is still in closed beta...

We are onboarding user slowly...

But today we are releasing Stack NFTs that will grant you an immediate access to your space in Stack Universe...

Stack NFT is the lifetime ownership of Stack PRO space with all PRO features free forever.

We are also live on Product Hunt...

Please visit us there  and let us know your thoughts...

Are we moving to the right direcion?


Thanks you Stacker,

Without you, all these would not be bossible!




December 15, 2021
Stack 3.4 - The final update in this universe

Hello Stackers,

Hope you all are doing great.

It's been a long time…

You might be wondering if we are still alive.

Well yes, we are…

In fact, we are very alive! 😄

We are stronger than ever before.

We are 13 now in the team.

We just closed the 2.5M seed round.

We moved to a new office in Amsterdam.

And we're working harder than ever before!


In the past 2 years, we learned so much from you:

What worked and what did not work in Stack.

Which features solved problems and which were never used.

And now, with all this knowledge and experience, we are moving to the next level.

We are rebuilding Stack!

Rethinking and redesigning it to be much more performant, energy-efficient, faster, and cleaner.

We are releasing it in May and it’s not the only thing we’re releasing…

So stay tuned.


But, what happens with this version?

This is the final update of the existing Stack.

From the next year, our full focus shifts to Stack NEXT.

We will only update Chromium and fix crucial bugs if they appear.

⭐️ What's new in this update?

In this update we are expanding our free package with:

🧩 Access to Chrome Extensions

Even if you are not subscribed to Stack PRO, now you can install and use 1Password, Grammarly, Linguix, Lastpass, Dark Reader, and more. We will be adding extensions as we progress.

🛡️ Ad-Shield

Block those annoying ads and remove all data-trackers with Ad-Shield. Go to the Ad-Shield page from your Profile on Spacebar, turn it on, and enjoy ad-free browsing.

🌒 Dark mode

Click the moon icon on the SpaceBar to toggle the dark mode. This will darken not only the Stack UI but also the WebApps that support dark mode. E.g. Twitter, Reddit…

🤔 Why?

We think that all browsing features for personal use should be free. The only reason we had these features in PRO was to survive in 2020. You can read more on that here: https://stackbrowser.com/supporters#lesson-42

If you are subscribed to Stack PRO mainly to have access to any of these features, and you would not use PRO anymore, please let us know and we will refund your last payment immediately.

Our pricing philosophy is simple:

  • If one is using Stack for work and earning money, it would be fair to take a little cut from it.
  • If one wants to personalize an account and have unique design elements, it will be beyond the paywall.

So there will be more PRO features for collaboration, multiplayer work, and personalization in the future.

Basic browsing functionality, organization, navigation, and browser essentials, will be free forever.

⭐️ Other Changes:

  • 1Password - Integrated the most requested Chrome Extension
  • Simplify Gmail - Chrome extension
  • Scroll to the app by clicking on the card topbar
  • Ad-Shield enabled by default for new users
  • Fixed Google authorization
  • Live Chat icon is moved inside Native Cards menu
  • Shortcuts icon opens The Switch now
  • Upgraded Electron & Chromium
  • Lots of small bug fixes and improvements

🪐 Stack Next

We’ve already built the foundation and the first version of Stack Next with the new technology. And, we can already see an amazing improvement in speed, performance, and memory usage.

We will be working on it with full force in the coming months to make sure that in May, we release Stack we've all been waiting for so long.

If you want to be the first to explore the new Stack, you can join the waitlist here.

We’ve also published our story and the vision on our landing, which you can check out here: https://stackbrowser.com/story

Thank you all very much for staying with us and supporting us.

It is a pleasure being on this journey with you!

We wish you a great day!

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