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April 5, 2021

What you get with Stack 3.29:

  • Improved Space Experience and 3 Free Spaces
  • Optimised Card Suspender
  • Option to Change Default Search Engine
  • And tons of bug fixes

✨ Improved Space Experience and 3 Free Spaces

From now on, all Stackers can take their workspace organization to a completely new level with Spaces. We learned from PRO Stackers that having multiple spaces increased their productivity the most! Therefore, we decided to make three spaces accessible to everyone for free, while also dramatically improving its user experience.

Tip 1: Start by separating your work related web-apps from all the rest. Try creating a Space for Work and to avoid distractions, remove all social media web-apps from that space. Create another space and name it Space for Home. Add all your personal social media apps there.

Tip 2: Use
the Switch for changing spaces or for jumping to a specific card in a specific space.

⛔️ Optimised Card Suspender

The new suspender is the biggest performance boost up to date. From this update, it suspends all your inactive cards by default - saving up tons of RAM. The spacebar icons of the suspended apps are greyed out. You can also define the suspension rules for each card from the right-click context menu.

🔎 Option to Change Default Search Engine

Privacy of Stackers is paramount for us. Stack has its own ad and tracker blocker. And from this update, you will have an option to set DuckDuckGo instead of Google as your default search engine too. Go to Settings >> Search Engine >> DuckDuckGo

🗣 We are hiring!

Last but not least, we published a new hiring page, and opened three new positions. Therefore, if you are or by any chance know experienced engineers and designers, who would like to work on a super exciting project challenging the 20-year-old status quo, please let us know!

Additional Improvements & Changes

  • Display audio ripples if the sound is coming from another space
  • Control suspender from the right-click context menu
  • Navigate between spaces with The Switch
  • Updated icon on macOS to Big Sur style

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed Windows Defender ransomware false positive problem*
  • Card drag not possible after ghost card pin
  • Inactive stack reorder gives blank screen
  • Scroll doesn't scroll on the active card on startup
  • Audio ripples animation causes CPU overload
  • Facebook Messenger calls do not work

*Special Thanks to our community member Slayer, who helped us tremendously in debugging this



Space Share

February 16, 2021
Share a space

What you get with Stack 3.24:

  • Sharable Spaces
  • Card Drag & Drop from spacebar to canvas and vice versa
  • Re-arrange entire Stacks
  • New native card - 'Features'
  • And tons of bug fixes

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🔗 Sharable Spaces

You can now share your space with your friends and colleagues. It is not yet a live-collaboration though. Current functionality is quite simple. If you know someone who you think might benefit having your space, feel free to share.

✨ Improved Layout Management

In the previous update we promised you to continue improving layout management even further. From now on you can drag & drop cards from the spacebar to canvass and vice versa. Also you can re-arrange entire stacks.

🍭 New Native Card - 'Features'

Ever wondered what else can you do with Stack? Which are the cool features that you might be missing out? Here is a new native card for you called Features. Check it out to learn more about all the cool features that Stack comes with.

Improvements & Changes

  • Add space reordering
  • Stacks reordering
  • Drag from spacebar and drop to the main canvas
  • Drag Card and drop in the spacebar
  • Scroll horizontal applist with vertical scroll
  • Save window size on Winodws
  • Scroll with the mouse right button drag
  • Auto open whats new on update
  • Add bounce effect left and right
  • Add scroll bounce inside the webview
  • Removed spacebar magnification
  • integrate Linear.app
  • Open ghost card in fullscreen by default
  • Open google search in ghost card from newappbox
  • Introduce deep link support
  • Navigate between stacks with 'option+cmd+up/down' on mac or 'alt+up/down' on Windows
  • Navigate with three finger swipe on Mac. Requires update in Mac preferences.

Bug fixes

  • Sign in problem with Google products
  • Navigation between cards break after clearing all ghosts
  • Google auth in notion
  • Video fullscreen bug
  • Quickswich arrow navigation scrolls on wrong prosition
  • Scroll viewport on menubar toggle on Windows
  • Use Edge user agent on windows
  • Fix: quick switch becoming non-responsive after closing all ghost cards
  • Discord logout
  • Back button is not activated correctly
  • Window size & position is not saved on Windows
  • Paste without styles
  • Snap on fullscreen
  • Wrong space emoji picker alignment
  • Update card url after suspender

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