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Outlook Personal Email

Rodrigo Ferreyra

After decades of paradigm shifts in personal communication and computing, Outlook personal email addresses have not gone out of fashion. Microsoft's email service, once known as Hotmail, has passed the test of time thanks to the company's influence and by keeping head to head with Gmail's galore of virtues.

As of today, getting an Outlook account is as easy as visiting https://signup.live.com, while grasping how to use it is a little bit trickier.

Outlook Personal email - manage it effectively

By effectively I mean in a timely manner. Despite Outlook's intuitive UI and overall user-friendliness lessen its complexity, email checking can easily turn into a time-consuming activity.

At the macro level, two things make the difference:

  1. Getting your workflow together

Email checking is per se a messy activity. Determine what you want from it and shorten it to the minimum. If you're not going to get anything done away from your computer, checking the email on your phone is trivial. Likewise, scheduling your email time helps if dealing with an unending inbox.

  1. Choosing a platform for mailing

In order to centralize mailing, you should only use one platform per device. You can choose an email application client like Microsoft's Outlook and Thunderbird or simply use the web client.

The best about the web version is that it works out of the box with the rest of Microsoft's services and from any computer. Plus, the web version can benefit from the browser's own tools. In this regard, your Outlook personal email account can benefit from what Stack offers:

  • Side by side windows, known as cards, and
  • Built-in support for using multiple accounts simultaneously.

You may ask how these features help to manage Outlook effectively. Let's say you have two Microsoft accounts: one for work and another for personal use. With Stack, you can use both at the same time without de-login from one to use the other.

You can then use them side by side or group them with other apps into different Stacks, and even keep logged in both after closing the app:

  • In Stack, open the Outlook web app and login into one of your accounts.
  • Open it again in a new card and toggle Private Session.
  • Login into your second account.
  • Click on the card's title and choose Save Card. You can name this saved card as you want.
  • The card is now saved in the apps panel with your account logged in.

What are other benefits of using Outlook personal email via Stack?

Given that we can use Stack with other apps, our work philosophy should take full advantage of its tools for them as well. In other words, if we have an Outlook personal email account we probably use it alongside other business programs from the same suite, or even others like Google Drive, Dropbox, as well as social media, like Facebook. These are fully supported by Stack and can be placed next to Outlook or in different Stacks.

Stack gathers all your apps in a single place to give you the freedom of fixing them to suit your fancy.

Some useful tips to manage Outlook Personal Email

Lastly, here are some additional recommendations:


Set rules for organizing incoming emails. In this way, you can check first those more important while keeping track of their nature.

Use aliases

Aliases are great if you use a single Outlook account for multiple purposes. These can be helpful as well for keeping private the email addresses you may use for sensible services like bank accounts. Besides, Outlook can set rules for incoming emails according to aliases.

Avoid getting spam entirely

If you have to sign in Outlook personal email to get a service or document, shield your inbox with:

a) a dedicated alias which you can set rules for deleting received mails or

b) a temp email address. 10 Minute Mail's have an inbox of their own.

If you wish to learn more, head over to Stack’s blog, where you can find plenty of tips and tricks. If you’re eager to try Stack, make sure to Request Access to Stack Next straight away.

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