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Tips for Streaming on Twitch

Alan Anthony Catantan

In this article, I’ll be giving you a few tips for streaming on Twitch.

In the last couple of months, people were confined at home and have to deal with the pandemic silently. One of the most favorite things people do (especially the young ones) is to watch streams on Twitch.

That’s why if you’re streaming on Twitch, you need to do all that you can to deliver the best entertainment you possibly could.

Tips for Streaming on Twitch

Seriously, one of the best Twitch streaming tips is to use Stack. It may technically be a browser, but it’s actually more like a modern operating system with a nice interface. You don’t get the “usual” tab experience. Instead, you use cards and open different apps and websites on each card.

But the primary reason why you should use Stack is that you can open and control multiple apps and websites at once, like Discord, Facebook, Instagram etc... Yes, you can lay all of them side by side and view what’s happening across the cards at a glance.

That means you can open Twitch on one card, Discord on another, and Facebook on another one and see all of them together by fitting all the cards on your screen. You can also interact with each one perfectly without the need to do anything else.

What else you should consider while streaming on Twitch?

Use Stack for Streaming on Twitch

Using Stack is only the first among this list of tips for streaming on Twitch. There are four more important things you need to know to keep your audience happy and grow your viewers.

The first one is to make sure that your microphone works well.

The truth is that viewers watch your stream not only for the gameplay. If the gameplay is all they want, they can simply hop on to YouTube and find nice and awesome gameplay. They are on your Twitch channel for the commentary.

Obviously, if your microphone is horrible, they will not like it. So make sure that you don’t sound like a sick person or that there are no static sounds coming from your stream.

Naturally, you must also ensure that you have a good internet connection for streaming on Twitch.

You don’t need a god-like internet connection. But it should be stable and decent enough that you can broadcast your stream at 720p or better. Run a speed test first and check how your upload is doing.

You also need to use a good webcam.

Check out the different Twitch streams and you will notice that all the popular ones have webcams and really show their face while playing. That’s because your viewers want to watch you too and how you react to the gameplay.

It’s also necessary for the last one...

To do well on Twitch, you must always interact with your viewers.

All the tips above lead to this one single moment — your interaction with viewers. You can’t do that if you have a horrible microphone and a crappy webcam (or worse, you’re not using one).

That’s also why you should consider using Stack. Your viewers will be interacting with you through the chat. If you have a community on different platforms (Discord, Facebook, and Twitch), being able to see all of them at once is definitely helpful. So streaming on Twitch can be more comfortable.

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